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RedCappi was established in 2012 with the idea that growing a business through email should be easy—so easy a baby could do it. That’s why we set out to create email marketing software that didn’t just help businesses crawl toward results, it helped them take giant baby leaps toward success. Isn’t it time you learned the benefits of RedCappi? Sign up for free today and see what all the rattles are shaking about.

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Simple interface

We believe email marketing software should be so easy a baby can use it. But we also believe that shouldn’t mean limiting important features. It turns out our members agree and their customers approve.
Simple Interface

Affordable pricing

Who said email marketing software had to be expensive and overwhelming? At RedCappi, we only make you pay for what you need. No contracts, no commitments—just awesome emails!
Affordable Pricing

Responsive support

We’re here for you when you need us. Customer service responses are less than 24 hours, usually much faster. Our sales team responds the same business day, and important issues are handled ASAP.
Responsive Support

Test Your Emails for Deliverability Score

Send your email to our scoring engine to see how your email performs. You’ll receive valuable data such as: HTML Errors, SPF Issues, Spam Score, Broken Link and Short URL checks.

A/B Test Your Campaigns

Our simple A/B test setup will allow you to send different campaigns to segmented audiences, allowing you to see which message works best, prior to sending to the rest of your audience

Create mobile-friendly email campaigns.

Our easy-to-use Campaign Creator puts you in charge of creating personalized emails that connect with your customers.

Responsive Email Editor
Email will adjust to fit your contacts screen (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
Image Import
Import Images from a Link, Facebook, GMail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Google Photos, Flickr, Instagram, GitHub, or Take a Picture
Stock Photos
Search from over 500,000 Stock Photos
Image Editor
Apply, Effects, Frames, Frames,Stickers, Orientation, Crop, Resize, Lightning, Color to Images
Enhanced Linking
Buttons or Images can Link to a Web Page, Email, SMS, or Make A Call
Dynamic Images
Populate Text on Top of an Image based on a Contact Field Value
Create mobile-friendly email campaigns.
Email Laptop

The Most Effective Email Marketing Platform Out There

Making Email Marketing Easier Than Ever

We’ve designed our unique and innovative email marketing software to give your full control over your email campaign management.  It’s the perfect campaign creator for your company as it’s completely automated and fully customizable according to your customer’s needs. With our email sending software, you can easily create awareness for your business in a matter of moments.

With our software, you can completely automate your customer journey from the moment you sent that email. Our software will allow you to send automated emails to your contacts which can be scheduled according to the times you set. You can guide your customers about discounts, special packages, or even just welcome new customers with a friendly and interactive email.

Why Get an Email Automation Service

Redefining and upgrading your email marketing campaign is crucial, which is why our email testing services will help you. Initially, the test will provide a deliverability score according to how the email is performing. It will provide with useful information such as its spam score, HTML errors, or broken links.

Besides that, you can also test the effectiveness of those emails and their click generation to your website. With unique and different campaigns, you can determine which emails are generating the best response from your target customers.

We will provide some useful real-time metrics that will help you gain insights such as opened or unopened emails, unsubscribes, or even forwards of complaints.

Most importantly, our software is a mass email sender,  but it still allows you to divide your customers into different groups so it’s easier for you to make target emails for increased customer retention rates.

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