Writer’s block is a real bother in email content marketing. Your email will effectively inform your audience or drive conversions if written right. But it may also come to nothing if you fail to hit the mark.

AIDA is a customer journey model that can be used in email marketing to make content more effective. You use our free email marketing tools to see if AIDA works for you—but more on that later.

Here’s how the AIDA model works and how to use it to write solid email content.

The AIDA Model And How It Works

The AIDA model is a framework for creating effective marketing content. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. The purpose of the AIDA model is to guide marketers in making content that will engage and influence their target audience.

The AIDA model suggests using the  following structure to create marketing content:


The first step is to capture the attention of the target audience. This means using catchy headlines, attention-grabbing images, and other appealing content to prompt the audience to learn more.


Once the audience’s attention is captured, the next step is to arouse interest to keep them engaged. This can be done by highlighting the benefits and prominent features of the product or service.


The third step is to build a desire for the product or service. This can be achieved by describing how it will improve the reader’s life or business.


Finally, the marketing content should end with a strong call to action that tells the reader what they should do next. This could be a link to a landing page, a phone number to call, or a discount code.

How to Use The AIDA Model In Email Marketing

As you’d guess, there are four steps to creating a marketing email using the AIDA model:

  1. Start with a subject line that captures the recipient’s attention and conveys the purpose of the email.
  2. Introduce the product or service and arouse the reader’s interest by highlighting its benefits and features in the opening paragraph.
  3. Build desire by describing how the product or service will solve the reader’s problems or meet their needs.
  4. End with a strong call to action prompting the reader towards the desired action.

What To Know Before Using The AIDA Model In Email Marketing

AIDA is the most basic of a class of models called the hierarchy of effects models. Other models, such as Lavidge et al.’s Hierarchy of Effects or Modified AIDA Model, may work better for your audience than the AIDA model. You can test this with A/B testing on RedCappi.

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