As marketing continues to evolve, businesses feel the need to question whether email marketing is still relevant. We’re here to tell you it certainly is. Email marketing campaigns can increase your reach and convert leads into customers.

As other digital marketing channels have evolved, so have email marketing software and tools. If you’re wondering why it is important for your business, read on to find out.

Reasons Email Marketing is Important

Not only does it increase reach, but an effective email marketing strategy can also increase your brand visibility. Here’s how email marketing helps:

1. Reach Audience in Real-Time

According to a survey, 54% of emails are opened on smartphones. This shows the promising benefits of using email marketing to reach customers. As the world is shifting to smartphones, accessing emails has become easier. A well-crafted email can increase your conversion ratio more than any other channel.

2. Stay In Touch

Emails keep you in the loop and keep customers informed. You can update them about new product launchings or any special offers from your company. Your emails can be a simple reminder that you care for your customers. It helps you stay in touch with the audience.

3. Easily Measurable

Any marketing tactic is useless if you cannot measure the results. In today’s result-oriented world, you need to focus on numbers. Email marketing is a measurable tool that you can use to track the engagement and success of your campaign.

You can quantify bounce rate, open rate, delivery rate, unsubscribe rate and click-through rate. Doing this gives you better insight into how customers think and whether your campaign sits right into it.

4. Cost-Effective

Email marketing is highly cost-effective. You can expand your reach without spending a fortune. With the right email marketing service, you can increase your conversion rate at affordable prices. It offers better returns with only a little effort.

5. Easy to Engage

Email was and is one of the most used forms of communication for formal and informal use. Although more modes of conversation have emerged, businesses, companies, and individuals still prefer emails as their go-to choice of communication. You can engage with customers more easily via email, as well as redirect them to your website, call, sign up or other form of CTA.

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