About 96% of the people who come to your website aren’t ready to buy anything. So, you only have about 8 seconds to change their minds. With this in mind, how are the top performing businesses using this time to convert these people into a sale?

These businesses are doing a lot of testing. They test:

·         The call-to-action: It’s important you design a clear call-to-action with meaningful graphics that help guide your visitors where you want them to go. A good example of this is Firefox’s use of “Download Now – Free” instead of “Try Firefox 3.” Here, Firefox also addresses any concern their customers had about downloading it. As you can see, your goal is to find what’s stopping your customers from acting and then address it in a clear, meaningful way.

·         Their headlines: Believe it or not, headlines make or break sales. This is because they’re the first thing your prospect sees so you need something that resonates with them. So, you want a clear headline with a unique value proposition. In other words, tell your customers how they’ll benefit by taking action now.

·         The number of form fields: Your business wants to aim for a simple, clear form. There are times when having more fields on your form can improve its conversion rate. However, most of the time having fewer forms produces more conversions. It’s important for your business to test this for itself and find what works best for you.


Testing is the major key to optimizing your business’ sign up form and landing page for success. If you don’t have time to do this or you feel your time is better spent on other aspects of your business, contact us. We’re happy to do this for you so together we can create a successful landing page for your business.

Source: RedCappi Blog