Introducing our newest elite edition of signup forms. We’ve made it easier than ever to create the perfect signup form, which is a form that allows new signups to subscribe to your email list. Our newly launched signup forms are entrusted with enterprise-grade sophistication without the complex implementation challenges.

We’ve removed the clutter and simplified the steps in which you can design the framework, the language and the fields in your form and tailor it to best tie into your needs and company profile.


RedCappi signup forms have always included pre-constructed underpinnings, but with the launch of its latest features, the signup forms have taken on a radial facelift, in terms of customization options. Now you can quickly and easily expand on the framework.

While you still start off with a simple pre-filled template, you most certainly may then tailor those options to meet your needs. Handpick color options for your forms to match your brand identity, even include your company logo or any background image to make an impression right at the outset.


With the latest internationalization update, we now support signup forms in multiple languages. You can easily translate your forms to meet the needs of your subscribers’ language settings.

While all pre-filled fields are translated automatically for you, you may certainly edit any custom field labels using your preferred language font from your keyboard. Advanced features allow for you to type in your new field text in your own language. All setting preference changes will be displayed in live preview mode, so you can see exactly how the form will look to your subscribers.


You can easily add custom “FANCY” fields like drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons and so much more to collect information from your subscribers.

The latest features even offer the capability to determine whether you wish for a field included to be a *required field, wherein your subscribers will not be able to complete the signup form until that field is filled in.

This way, you are in direct control of what information you wish to collect from your subscribers.

We’ve also added advanced features, such as the ability to customize your confirmation email message and landing pages which can be really helpful to begin immediate engagement with new subscribers.


Lastly, create custom welcome messages and autoresponders series to send out via email as soon as someone signs up to your form.

Explore using an assortment of signup forms for your different needs and various audiences, each with its own unique look and verbiage and even setup diverse autoresponders based on the particular form that was triggered by a signup.

We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback on how you like and what you think of our new features for the signup form.