We are so excited to welcome you to RedCappi’s new blog!


From his dangerous crib in the Los Angeles jungle gym comes Cappi, a disillusioned diaper dealer and agitated retailer. In 2008, when spanked with the slowing of economy and decreasing diaper sales, Cappi realized the importance of web presence and email marketing for his diaper business. Cappi implemented email marketing, social media, and a website to help generate revenue. After struggling to find a company that incorporated all the necessary tools all in one place, the idea for RedCappi was born. Now Cappi, is here to teach you all he knows about the importance of Online and Email Marketing! 

Cappi promises his days of “monkey business” are behind him!

Why blog? Now it’s time for some real business! We will share useful tips and information to help you in your journey towards perfecting your brand. Whether we are discussing how to grow your email contact lists, how to easily create enticing emails or how to effectively share campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, we invite your input along the way.



The RedCappi Team