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Whether you’re just starting your business or have been in the industry for a while, email marketing campaigns have the power to transform your business. With emails, your business generates new ways you can interact with your customers, build lasting relationships, and grow your revenue.

But with so many different forms of email marketing, it’s difficult to pick those that fit your business. We’ve created this list of the most used email marketing forms to help you out.

Welcome Emails

The hardest part of an email marketing campaign is to get customers to signup for your mailing list. So if a customer willingly agrees to share their email with you, it’s essential to make them feel valued, and welcome emails do just that. Moreover, welcome emails aren’t centered around just one email.

They can be a series of emails that informs the customers about your unique products and special promotions. But you need to keep in mind the pacing of these emails because sending too many emails at once will annoy the customer.

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are stand-alone emails sent out to trigger the customer into making a purchase. If done right, these emails have the power to increase your brand’s sales by a considerable margin.

The emails usually contain a single offer about an upcoming sale or a new product launch that the customer might be interested in. Recently, through email marketing software, you can even send personalized emails to customers about specific products based on their purchase history.
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Newsletter Emails

While newsletters aren’t considered a part of marketing campaigns, they can impact your business positively. Newsletters are one of the most popular forms of emails sent out by brands, and they are a way to establish a regular line of communication between your business and your clients. Not just that, but they also help your customers build brand loyalty.

Post-Purchase Emails

Most brands forgo the post-purchase emails because they think it’ll be a nuisance to the customer; however, the reality is different. Post-purchase emails solidify the customer’s relationship with your brand and promote goodwill.

Moreover, the emails don’t have to be strictly centered around thanking the customer for the purchase. Instead, you can offer helpful information as well.

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