E-commerce is an excellent way to earn money from any place in the world. However, if you start looking for the solutions and tools – opportunities are limitless. Shopify has conquered e-commerce landscape while hitting 500k customers in 2017 and has plenty of features to offer, but its, not a free service.

We all like free products and software, so today Red Cappi team introduces you to a free e-shop solution Storenvy. How else is it different from Shopify? Storenvy is the only eCommerce platform offering two great ways to sell online:  Free Custom Online Store & Social Marketplace.

Storenvy features

So why do we love Storenvy so much?

Exposure. This miracle word that Storenvy creators understand and demonstrate it by the features. Storenvy gives you a Social Power that other e-commerce platforms makes you work long and hard hours for. How?

When you turn on your Marketplace store, you instantly receive additional exposure and new customers. Users can easily interact with your products. They can:

  • “Envy” your products
  • “Watch” your store for updates when you add new items.

You can see the engagement that you start receiving from day 1.

Marketplaces are powerful sales engines. According to Bigcommerce, 45% of all e-commerce sales are done through marketplaces, and when shopping online, 48% of online purchasers first look at commerce marketplace.

Moreover, you get a free Facebook store, easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest (no need to buy additional app and plugin!). Not enough for You? What about  Search Engine optimization? Storenvy takes care of this feature too.

Business data.  Built-in Analytics will make sure that you can easily manage all of your business data and see fluctuations and channels. You can enjoy unique visitors, and page view counts, top referring URLs, top search engine terms and integrated Google Analytics.

How do you manage products using Storenvy? This platform allows you to have five images per product, product variations, labels for products: Coming Soon, On Sale, Sold Out and Preorder labels .

Order management can be a tremendous task if your platform does not offer features that you must have. Storenvy takes care of you. It even provides Color-coded order management for quick reference when you are in a hurry and need to manage orders fast. Email notification and inventory tracking, as well as print shipping labels directly from Admin Panel,  seems to take care of your business logistics.

Do you need any special design skills to set up the Shop on Storenvy?



When we said FREE, it is entirely FREE when customers buy in your shop.



Monthly fees, listing fees- you can save on them and instead focus on your marketing budget. Storenvy marketplace becomes

Today integrations drive all business models. Here are 2 business ideas that you can quickly start today thanks to Storenvy integrations.

1. Integrate Printful with Storenvy and sell t-shirts, mugs, and totes!

We love Printful. What is it?

It’s an online drop shipping fulfillment service. You send your print orders, and Printful takes care of the printing, shipping, and quality.

  • on-demand, one-off printing
  • secure e-commerce integrations
  • no minimum orders
  • personalized brand
  • no setup fee
  • API for automatic orders

It only means that today you can start selling T-shirts!

2.Import products from Etsy shop and sell your products on your own Storenvy shop and the Storenvy marketplace.

We would not suggest you if there were no easy tool to help you. Storenvy importer


That way you have 3 sales channels setup in just a few clicks.

Marketing your Storenvy Shop

How to drive sales in Storenvy Shop. Marketplace helps a lot because you can achieve interaction and engagement faster.

  • First, get as much Envies as you can.

Similar to “Facebook Like,” the more “Envies” your product receives, the easier it becomes for customers to make purchase decisions. Share your products in your social media business accounts to entice more “Watchers” and “Envies.” The most recent Envies find their way to the top of Storenvy’s main product display pages.

  • Be helpful to your customers.

First, make use of Storenvy’s FAQ page. It will improve the shopping experience and make customers feel appreciated. It will create loyal customers and recurring orders.

  • Master product descriptions.

The good product description should not only be SEO optimized. Its primary goal should be to serve your customers. Ensure they can easily spot all of your product features. Optimized product description can quickly influence purchase decisions. Always avoid the monotonous use of the same keywords.

Product descriptions are one of the first skills that you should master to drive attention and generate sales.

John Rampton, an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and founder of the online invoicing company Due, gives one of the best advice about product description – bridge the gaps between features and benefits. Do not assume that your customers will straight away understand how your product makes their life easier. Tell them how.

  • Finally, nourish your customers.

Make use of the connections that you built. Red Cappi is on Zapier and integrates friendly with Storenvy for your email marketing campaign efforts.

Make sure that you keep your customers updated about your discounts, campaigns and inform them about your new fabulous products! It is so easy that baby can use it.