What transforms our lives?

Feedback. Honest, not sugar-coated feedback that we act on fast. And that way we solve problems before they start affecting us on a grand scale.

Most successful business people and world leaders have always understood the importance of feedback.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” – Winston Churchill

Want to be a successful entrepreneur and build an empire? Crave for feedback. Be motivated by feedback. Business cannot say confidently that they respect their customers and serve them well if teams and departments do not track and appreciate testimonials.

Do you track, encourage and reward your customers for their feedback?

If not, this article will help you to set up a secure system that provides with many answers.

When a business has a customer success system implemented, it means that a continuous feedback flows and is transformed into action.

What do experts say about the importance of customer success today?

Lincoln Murphy, Consultant of Customer Success, published a Definite guide to Customer Success in 2017.

Lincoln calls customer success a transformative power and points out that many successful companies made it their business model today. Retention is just a small bit that such strategy provides.

One of the most common questions asked is how to draw the Line between Customer Success and Support. Lincoln leaves no doubt about the nature of the client success process. It is proactive. You ensure the success of the client so that they don’t have to ask for the support. When we are successful in something that we do, do we even think about asking for help?


Perry Monaco , Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn recently published an article What Makes For a Great Customer Success Plan?  We loved the depth of insight and the way Perry managed to explain everything so evidently from the first point.

Mutual Ownership. There can’t be any egoism here; your goals should be aligned with your customers then you can expect to win. Win together. Then you call it a success. You are not competing with your client.  Transparency is also a clear advice; there is no way around it. Your customers should know exactly what you are planning to do internally with your team and partners. It makes not just their life easier, but yours too. How perfect is the feeling when you know you have nothing to hide or finally admit that it wasn’t included in your plan?

Carolyn Kopprasch, Chief Customer Officer at @buffer

Speaking about customer service at Buffer, Carolyn writes that the way team works with customers has changed through the years as the needs and team have developed. It only means that company and business process must be able to adapt based on needs of the customer side. How do you know the needs? Only by opening your business for feedback.

Moreover, she adds “just about everyone in the company ends up hanging out with the Happiness Heroes for about a half day each month.” That is how such companies succeeds and builds a customer base. Happy customers and audience.

So which tool helps to integrate all the strategy and experts advice?

UserVoice case studies simple shine. Companies see results because this software creates a special relationship with their clients.

The data gathered by UserVoice and offered in a beautiful infographic tells us that we can build business teaming up and appreciate our customers. They know what they want while you want to sell what they want. Mutual benefit becomes multi-million companies.


UserVoice appreciates the fact that feedback comes in different forms and channels. Therefore, it includes the feature of gathering input from every stakeholder: sales, success, support teams, and clients.

Wil you understand feedback provided on the platform?

Yes, you will! UserVoice respects your time and importance of clear product insights.


UserVoice also integrates with more than 750 apps through Zapier. Therefore you can connect with Red Cappi and end drip email campaign encouraging customers.

Red Cappi also empowers your feedback collection and actions.

Red Cappi integrated on Zapier. Therefore, you can send drip emails about the further development of your product and questions that can help your team build the product.

You can also segment your customers into lists based on their feedback.

Take steps that make your client feel happy about your service and solves their problems.

Red Cappi integrates well with more than 750+ apps, and we are working to show you how you can optimize your business on all levels.

Customer feedback and continuous interaction with our customer helped us to build accessible platform. So easy that baby could use it.

Red Cappi team is happy to help business owners, teams and solo-entrepreneurs to grow the business with customers in mind.