Why so many freelancers and small business owners rant about time? Why are all so sensitive about time? The answer is obvious – time is precious. If it’s valuable, then you should control it. And we go to the central question. How? How can I manage my time when it takes me a lot of time to talk to the client about details, then to put the client on a different system and then start working.

Well, today you will be amazed, as Red Cappi team will give you back a lot of your time. With tools. Tools that like Red Capi itself are so easy to use that baby could use it.

Time is a created thing. To say “I don’t have time” is to say “I don’t want to.”

Lao Tzu

Own your time. Charge for it. Never lose a second of your day. Your time is what you sell to your clients.  Finally be appreciated and felt in control.

Why is tracking time critical for your business?

There are 5 main benefits:

  1. You control prices. You see the actual cost that your project execution is actually You might charge client 5000$ and imagine that you will work 100 hours on it. But when you start tracking time you realize that it was 120 hours. Next time you can charge 6000$.
  2. You make wise Human Resources decisions.
  3. Have accurate delivery dates for your customers and commit to them.
  4. Self-awareness about your time. It makes you search for productivity solutions  and tools. It also makes you create more time for additional projects. Be aware of your time. It can be scary but your shock about your time management can push you to improve your output.
  5. Review team performance and make critical business decisions. Decisions that will empower your future and your business growth. It doesn’t matter if its in-house team, freelancers or remote teams- with the tools below you can audit your team and be the boss that understands what is going on every second in the company.

 Time is the wisest of all things that are, for it brings everything to light.


How to choose the best time tracking system?

Time tracking systems should be available on all devices and most importantly synchronize with the OS that you use and apps that you already have in place.

Looking at the above benefits and goals for time tracking, the tools that you choose should support you when you try to identify areas of improvement. Red Cappi team believes that the below tools can help you enormously. Of course, if you take actions that you see the insights that they provide.

So what are those tools that we are so excited about?

  1. Toggl.

Toggl makes it perfect for freelancers, agencies and small business; because Toggl does everything that you can dream about in the time tracking application.


So how can you start charging the right way and stop losing billable hours with Toggl? 


Look at the picture above – through Zapier zap you see that Toggl allows you to issue Zoho invoice for Toggl time entries!

This is a fantastic business administration automation. Forget to count your hours and then creating an invoice. Toggl and Zoho Invoice works together on a mission to save your hours!

  1. Rescue Time

Rescue time app is simply fantastic. It does recover your time.

The only way to learn is to lose. When you’re wasting your time, tracking app tells you what and where you could have rescued. How? Zapier makes it so easy.  You get an email that you have been spending too much time on email! Look at the screenshot below:

Why email?

Before you start optimizing your time, you should know where we are wasting our time.

Reading such list can make you go into defensive mode, but aren’t you doing the following?

  1. Indecision. Before you decide what to do today, you see its already
  2. You give a speech about the tiny detail that matters so little to the overall process that you forget about important deadline and actions you need to take today.
  3. Reading the news. Media detox means you double your brain power for your work and keep positive. Try it.
  4. Reading email. If you are expecting an urgent email from a client, partner or somebody else, do not keep the tab with email open and check email only 3 times a day. Morning, after lunch and in the evening. You can later do it 2 times – lunch and evening. Leave morning for more important things that need to be taken care of
  5. Answering the same email format to your entire customer.

Most clients request the same information- how, when and how much and what if.

Stop repeating the same answer to all customers.  How?

Get Red Cappi and automate your emails. The easy ways – no need to hire a consultant, administrator or virtual assistant. Simply use Red Cappi Autoresponders feature.

So today you have tools that can transform your life and time.

Love the process. Do not get anxious about time. Why? Because you are the boss and you can control it. Now you know where your time leaks. Stop the leak.

We hope that our time has helped you today to take next step towards your productivity.

Simple tools and easy solutions are crucial.

So simple a baby can use it.