Influencer marketing is all about research and correct outreach methods. Red Cappi team has covered outreach campaigns in one of the previous posts.

Today when we strictly cover influencer marketing we look at the tools that will take your influencer marketing to the next level.

Nothing valuable comes fast. You need to build relationships for your business. Right, and meaningful communication is your brand building. It applies to any size of business.

Before we dive into the tools that experts use to get the maximum results from influencer marketing, let‘s talk about mistakes.

Mistakes that come from wrong understanding of the overall philosophy of the influencer marketing.

The first most usual mistake is having no clear goals and expectations. A lot of brands and business approach influencer marketing without knowing what to expect because they heard it works and looks like a good PR. But when it comes to the business, any move you make has to be calculated not just ideological.

Measuring ROI (methods, reporting, funnels, metrics) of influencer marketing should be set earlier than your team has a “great“ co-marketing idea for a girl with the big following from Instagram. No matter how hard it sounds. Measuring ROI of the relationships is possible. Before launching any campaign, such terms like engagement velocity and engagement rate and other measurement concepts of this marketing field should be clear to the business owner. Otherwise, conversation after the campaign is ended can hurt the morale of all the administration. Know, what to expect and in what form to expect it.

Want to be specific with your measurements? Great! Before signing a contract with an influencer, consider asking them to install a tracking pixel.

Old school but the very effective tactic is also a coupon code. Provide each influencer with a specific coupon code, and tally how many of each are submitted. That way you can choose which influencer who works for your benefit and can really influence the decisions of their audience.

Goals should be realistic. If you combine your efforts with an influencer, who has 5000 total followers on all platforms and set your campaign a goal to get 5000 – then we have news for you. Influencer followers’ number will not equal to your aspired actions. Moreover, not all fans interact with every single message sent by the influencer.

Goals should be long term too. Influencers campaign don’t have to be 1 week or day party. Your brand can reap benefits long after the campaign.

Extend usefulness of the content that you created with an influencer over your whole marketing strategy. For example, make slides from the article, create an infographic, cut the video into 5 shorter videos, etc. Repurpose content. Use quotes that you received during the engagement.

Your customers are sensitive to influencers’ choices and their recommendations. Use it for your growth.

So if you are still interested the tools are:

1. Buzzsumo

No matter how many changes and new tools we have seen coming to this field of marketing, but Buzzsumo is the first choice for many marketers and experts. Ann Handley from MarketingProfs.

Buzzsumo has so many features that will make you feel powerful when it comes to decisions about the most often shared content and influencers that are followed based on the topics that your audience is following too.

A few handy secret agent ways you can use BuzzSumo:

  • Sort provided results by the answer percentage
  • Try also sorting results by the domain authority. You want to receive links from high authority sites.
  • Click the ‘View Links Shared’ button to see the influencer’s most popular shared content.
  • Research the recent links shared, so you get a sense of what interests them. This is extremely important as you want your audience interests to correlate with your targeted influencers.


We all like real-time data because it tells us the truth that we need and which applies to the second that we are willing to engage with influencers. Therefore, HYPR is on the power list.

30% of the biggest brands and agencies trust their data.  Broad interests of influencers no longer work for the practical campaigns, audience demographics and targeting options is the primary target. In-depth audience demographics of social influencers is that HYPR can provide your brand so that you have no doubt about the correlation with your perfect buyer profile and your chosen influencer audience reach.

When you identify them, you need a tool that would help you manage the outreach.

3. Red Cappi

Red Cappi software does perfect work at this stage because our team makes sure that you can efficiently administer the list of influencers and send them personalized messages

If you have any further questions how to make your communication easy and automate your email marketing, contact our team.

Red Cappi team helps you and works every day to make sure you know about easy tools, that can transform your daily routine and empower you with tactics that work in today‘s

Red Cappi, so easy a baby can use it.