The internet world is booming, but it is still also important to build relationships with customers offline too. It may seem archaic, but forming relationships with people outside of the internet will encourage them to be more receptive to your online attempts at interaction. As you are building relationships in person, you can also be building your email list at the same time for a better synergy overall.

So what are some tips for building an email list offline?

Include an option to sign up for emails on all printed materials related to your business. If your business prints out cards or brochures include a link to a sign-up page for your newsletter or a “call to action” so readers will reply with an email address. If your printed materials are catchy enough, readers will be attracted to what you have to say through emails at a later time— RedCappi specializes in providing you with email marketing services that are attractive to all types of consumers. Printed materials get circulated like crazy because many people don’t hold on to them permanently. This can work in your benefit if others read the materials in passing and see an option to follow up online through email. This tip is especially effective if you include the fact that special discounts and promotions are also sent through email. 

 If you have a concrete location in addition to an online store and resources, include a newsletter sign up sheet at your front desk. While items are being scanned and bagged, customers will look over the sign up sheet and add their email while they wait. They may even ask questions about what your emails have to offer and give you an opportunity to encourage future interaction. 

 Use your merchandise to your benefit. Most merchandise is promotional in and of itself, but step things up by offering merchandise as a free gift for people signing up for emails and getting their friends to sign up too. Consumers are thrilled with giveaways and free trips and will go out of their way to get others to sign up for emails with them. RedCappi can help make this happen efficiently through email and social media outlets. 

  If you currently send out promotions through “snail mail,” include the option to sign up for “paperless” discounts. Many people prefer to receive information about sales and promotions through email rather than traditional mail so they will go to your link and sign up online. Promotions are easier to keep track of when they are digitally owned so customers won’t have to keep track of a tangible paper. They simply open the creatively designed promo email you sent and receive an immediate discount. 

To learn more tips about building an email list and tracking the effectiveness of the emails you send, contact us.