Email ending up in a recipient’s spam folder is a problem that every email marketer faces.  The emails might be beautifully designed and have an engaging message, but none of that matters if they end up in the spam box where no one will ever see them.

So how do you improve deliverability and keep your emails from disappearing into the dreaded spam filter?  Here are three actionable tips to ensure that your emails land where they should: in the recipient’s inbox.

Ask Recipients to Whitelist Your Email Address

Whitelisting an email address means that emails from that address have a greater chance of landing in the inbox.  Asking your recipients to whitelist your email address is a simple thing.  Not everyone will do it, but some will, and every extra read email brings the possibility of more business.

Regularly Prune Your Email List

Every email list becomes clogged with bad email addresses over time.  These are addresses that are no longer in use or are unable to receive more mail.  If you keep sending to these bad addresses, then email services like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo might label you as a spammer.  To avoid this, prune old, out of date address on a regular basis to keep your email list clean and lean.

Make Opting Out Easy

Every email marketer feels a little sting when someone opts out of his email list, but making it difficult to unsubscribe by hiding the opt out link, or worse, not including it in the email, makes users frustrated and annoyed.  These users are then more apt to label your emails as spam just to keep from seeing any more of them.  If your emails garner too many spam complaints, then email services might not deliver any of your emails.

If you want to make sure that your emails get delivered to the inbox and not the spam box, then please contact us. Our team is standing by to assist and looks forward to working with you.