Email continues to be one of the most effective business marketing tools available.  In fact, according to Wordstream, “59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.”  Yet many companies struggle with improving their email marketing ROI.  With that in mind, here are three email marketing best practices to make sure that your business is getting the most out of this highly effective marketing tool.  

Segment Your List

You want to deliver the right message to the right person. You can accomplish this by segmenting your list based on your recipients’ interests or where they are in the sales funnel.  Sending very general emails to everyone on your list not only lowers open rates and conversion rates.  It can also lead to more spam complaints.  Segmenting your email list will not only keep your recipients happy but will also make them more receptive to your offers.

Make it Easy to Opt Out

It is hard work getting people to join your email list so why on earth would you want to make it easy for them to opt out?  First, it is legally required under the CAN-Spam Act of 2003.  Second, it creates a positive brand image for your company by showing that you respect your recipients’ choices.  If you want to lower overall opt-out rates, then you can give recipients the option of staying on some lists while opting out of others.

Use Personalization

Remember form letters that used to start out by saying, “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam?”  Most people who got these tossed them in the trash because they were so impersonal.  Sending out an email with a greeting of “Hi!” or “Welcome!,” or worst of all, no greeting at all, is committing the same mistake as those old form letters. Email recipients like to be greeted by their first name.  Even if they have never met you personally, they know your company and want to think that they are more than an anonymous email subscriber.  Not convinced?  According to MarketingLand, an Experian study showed that personalized email campaigns had a 29% higher unique open rate and 41% higher unique click rate.  Yes, personalization works.

The power of email marketing is undeniable. By segmenting your list, making it easy to opt out and using personalization, you can increase its power even more.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.  RedCappi is here to help you take your email marketing to the next level.