When it comes to digital marketing techniques, email marketing campaigns are still one of the most effective means of generating leads and transforming them into prospects. Since the introduction of automated email marketing, there has been a debate over which approach is better. This blog attempts to draw a clear comparison between the two by discussing common aspects of an effective email marketing approach:

Exclusive Content

Manual emails give you better control over the content. It allows you to craft every word of the content yourself and send out each email individually. However, when you have a larger customer base, crafting highly-customized emails isn’t feasible or practical.

Easy to Segment Customers

With automated emails, it is easier to segment customer emails based on the demographic data and whether they are new or old subscribers. Segmentation helps in several ways when creating email marketing campaigns. It helps you decide the right content for your customers and the right time and date to send emails.

Perform A/B Tests

A/B testing email marketing campaigns compare two copies of the same email to evaluate how little changes can affect your results. With Redcappi A/B tests, you can choose what you want to test, like a subject line or the content, and compare the results to see what works and what doesn’t for your audience.

Personalised User Experience

Manual emails allow you to personalize emails, but it is much more time-consuming compared to the personalization features of an automated email marketing service. With email marketing software, you can personalize the content to suit whoever you’re sending emails to. It makes the content more relevant and results in a better user experience. For example, starting an email with “Dear Courtney” feels much more personalized than “Dear Customer.”

Email Marketing Automation Services

Easy Scalability

Carrying out your marketing strategy manually becomes more difficult as your scale up your email marketing campaigns. With email automation services, you can easily set up triggers to filter your customers based on their actions. This not only makes the email marketing campaign faster but also helps as the number of subscribers increases with time. You can easily set triggers to send discount vouchers to customers who made a purchase recently, which seems quite a headache in manual email marketing.

Optimize Delivery Times

A business providing services to customers from multiple locations worldwide benefits more from email marketing software than manual email marketing. With Redcappi email marketing software, you can easily set up the time and date of sending emails to customers depending upon their time zones. You can also set up the time when they are most likely to open and read the emails, which makes a huge difference in the conversion rate.

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