Capitalizing on valuable leads and turning them into customers are the biggest ordeals most marketers face. How does one reach out to each lead individually? And how does one ensure turning them into customers? Creating an email workflow strategy along with effective email automation services may just be the answer you’re looking for.

What Is an Email Workflow?

Email workflow refers to automated emails sent based on a subscriber’s contact information, preferences, or behavior. The primary aim of this strategy is to allow marketers to reach out to the right audience at the right time.

Did you know that people are likelier to open an email personalized to them? According to Statista research in 2016, personalized messages had an open rate of 18.1%, whereas those that weren’t personalized had an open rate of 13.1%.

How Does Email Workflow Work?

While email marketing automation software will help you reach many people at once, you want to ensure to do the extracting properly. Here’s a rough idea of how you can choose who to send emails to.

  • Leads who have an anniversary or birthday coming up
  • Leads who are in a particular zip code
  • Leads who checked out a particular website page
  • Leads who’ve recently joined your email list

Automating your emails will allow you to send targeted messages to a certain subscriber. This, in turn, will push the subscriber to convert. However, you want to ensure taking automation breaks even with your email marketing campaign software.

Take Breaks

It isn’t wise to throw one email after another and overwhelm your subscribers in a short period. You must implement consistent delays in your email workflows so your subscribers can engage with your content adequately.

Measuring the Success of Your Email Workflow Strategy

No matter what campaign you’re running online, always look at the metrics to determine whether it has been successful. For instance, if you send out a thread of 6 emails introducing a subscriber to a product, focus on where they drop off.

When exactly do you notice your subscribers disengaging? Is it the subject line that’s repelling them and giving you poorer results?

You want to pay attention to each email in the series to understand where your audience is disengaging. Based on this, you want to improve those targeted messages so your email workflow keeps performing at its best.

Wrapping Up!

An email workflow is the best way to build a relationship with subscribers who aren’t ready to invest in your products yet. However, it isn’t just a one-sided strategy that only benefits your prospective consumers. It also takes away the headache of trying to create new emails for every step in a customer’s journey. So, if you’re also wondering how to get access to the best email automation services and guidance on the ins and outs of email workflow, allow RedCappi to take the lead while you enjoy the benefits. Contact us now for more information!