You know you are all guilty of it… swiftly sifting through all the candy your kids collected during their trick or treating feats, selecting to keep the best ones out of the newly collected stash, only to turn around and re-treat the candy you don’t want. This is what is known as the Halloween Aftermath Purge!

This idea of purging what you no longer want is very much applicable to growing your email contacts lists in accordance with the best permission based email marketing practices. It is an important detail – and time well spent on yourself – to make certain that your email contacts lists do not contain outdated email addresses with addressees whom you have not had any contact with for a while. A part of Anti-Spam policies want to ensure that email recipients know, expect or have reason to expect an email communication from you. Thus, it is not enough to have collected a subscriber’s email address at one point in time, if you have never emailed them before, or if a substantial amount of time has passed after your last form of communication to them, or if they have never placed an order from you since providing their initial contact information.

Once you have purged your outdated email addresses, your list will be clean, current and ready to stack up new email contacts, without having to worry about SPAM ramifications as they relate to SPAM complaints or numerous hard bounces resulting from invalid addresses. This is the time to do it, now that Halloween is over and just before the holiday frenzy gains more momentum. Think of it this way- it’s a one-time investment in yourself.

Purge away,

The RedCappi Team