Is your email marketing campaign failing to generate better results? It’s a sign to optimize email marketing efforts. Bombarding your current and prospective customers doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best results. Not all recipients open your messages.

How can you win clients and ensure your email marketing strategy yields better returns? Two words: five tactics. We’ve explained how you can use 5Ts of email marketing to ensure success.

5Ts to Drive Email Marketing Success

Target. Tease. Teach. Test. Track. These are the five keys to a successful email marketing campaign.

Target – Art of Resonance

Every marketing campaign needs to resonate with the audience. Anticipate what your target audience needs or wants and personalize experiences for them at that moment. This also applies to email marketing. Offer personalized content to your readers and watch them engage with them. Convince your recipients to take action.

Tease –Build Anticipation

A teaser campaign is an effective way to trigger curiosity and build anticipation. These campaigns give your audience something to look forward to and a sense of exclusivity. It’s like their favorite brand is sharing its secret with them.

You can write relevant and catchy subject lines such as “first look at…”Teasing can also be hurtful, so be sure to know the right time to send the email, such as after a product release, special event or any upcoming sale.

Teach – Educate Recipients

The reason most campaigns fail is that they lack this element. There should be a key takeaway for the recipients. Your email should touch upon questions like “will this product solve my problem?” or “how does this service concern me?”

If your campaign fails to teach the customers about the value your product or service adds, your campaign has already failed. You can incorporate this tactic by avoiding hard selling. Offer education insights instead. You can also offer a solution to a pain point and include any informative content.

Test – Assess Results

You can never learn how effective your email marketing campaign is unless you test it. You can use the A/B testing method where you send two varying sets of emails to two different groups of subscribers. Once the test ends, you can assess which test rendered better results.

Track – Monitor Performance

Tracking is similar to testing. However, you track how well your email marketing has contributed to your marketing success. Continuous monitoring will enable you to take better and improved decisions based on the data. You can use Google Analytics and other free email marketing tools to measure the performance of your campaign.

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