Email marketing remains the most cost-effective way to engage audiences, especially in the mobile age, where the most popular smartphone activity is checking emails. While email hasn’t gone away, despite the rise of social media, it certainly has changed in the past decade. Those changes present big challenges to businesses that are unaware of them.

Email’s popularity has remained, but it’s become harder for businesses to get their messages delivered in the past few years. Spam filters have become more and more sensitive. It’s far from enough to simply avoid triggering filters with your subject line. A few poor word choices in the body of your email, or questionable links, are all it takes for services like Gmail or Yahoo to shunt your email (which you probably worked hard on) into the spam folders of your subscribers. That’s a lot of wasted time and lost business.

While certain words, like “free” and “Nigerian” are obvious choices to avoid, there are many less obvious things in your email which could trigger spam filters and send it into oblivion. There are many nuances to learn to ensure that your emails are delivered to all your subscribers. That, however, can take time away from other parts of your business, or cost you a pretty penny if you rely on someone else to do it for you. That’s where Red Cappi comes in.

Red Cappi’s deliverability score allows users to test their emails before they go out. The higher your score, the better the chance your email has of avoiding spam filters and being seen by your audience. The spam check is only one feature of the deliverability tester, though, and you’ll also get valuable feedback on other variables that can affect your email’s chances of being seen by subscribers and customers.

Red Cappi is free for up to your first 100 subscribers, and boasts numerous other features to save you time on email marketing, including a simple autoresponder sequence that you need only set up once. From there, you can passively turn your contacts into customers! To find out more about Red Cappi and save you a lot of time in worrying about spam filters, contact us.