E-mail marketing stats provide insight into many aspects of e-mail campaign effectiveness. While it’s important to analyze campaign stats with other considerations, the data provides useful information about the viewing and engagement levels of your audience. Since e-mail marketing is a much-used business tool, it’s helpful to discuss some of the basic components of e-mail marketing data.


By analyzing click rates, also called click-through rates, it’s possible to know how many people who opened the e-mail clicked on a link. Viewers click on links that take them to a company website or social media page, for example. Analyzing click-through rates includes considering link placement on the e-mail page, as well as design and viewer interest. In general, higher click-through rates indicate higher levels of audience interest.


E-mail campaigns often provide ways for people to forward the e-mail to others, such as family or friends. The forward rate tells some interesting information – it is helpful for analyzing if people think the e-mail is worth sharing with others. If viewers forward an e-mail from your company’s campaign, this often provides opportunities for more leads or new potential customers.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to e-mails that don’t reach the recipients, due to issues such as a full e-mail box, an e-mail that is too large, or a malfunctioning e-mail address. Bounces are not viewed positively by e-mail marketers, and companies strive to understand why bounces occur.

RedCappi’s e-mail tools measure essential e-mail marketing data, such as subscribe or unsubscribe rates, clicks, bounces, and forwards. We also offer e-mail design themes for professional e-mail campaigns. Our tools provide ways to track and encourage e-mail campaign viewer behavior. To learn more about our e-mail marketing services, contact us