Email Address Sender lines

What Goes Into Your Sender Lines 

RedCappi has the 411 on what to put in your “From” line to better help you get recognized in inboxes everywhere. Recognition of sender identification is key to achieving a successful open rate, which makes a brief discussion on from names and sender email addresses important. 

Before hitting send on any email campaign, you will need a good subject line, as well as to provide the sender name, which can be either your personal or company name and company email address. When deciding between using a personal name or company name, you should consider which will have more recognition and influence in an inbox. Maybe a well-recognized individual name may have more clout than a general company name, particularly in an instance when there have been past dealings before with this person, or vice-versa. So you will need to decide which will work best for your purposes. Also, try to use sender names and email addresses that match your trademark or name brand, such as from This will not only help your subscribers quickly recognize your email promotions to them, but will also add an air of professional cohesiveness to your company. 

“Do Not Reply” is a BIG No!No!

You will want to avoid using “Do Not Reply” in your sender identifier, because it defeats the entire purpose of email marketing, in terms of building relationships of communication with your subscribers. “Do Not Reply” stops all interaction in its tracks and basically screams the impression that you do not want to hear back from your audience… and no one want to hear from someone who could care less about their questions or concerns… much less buy from them.