Email marketing is a powerful and persuasive marketing tool to build strong customer relationships. Besides connecting with current customers and attracting new ones, email marketing solutions establish trust and a certain comfort level between you and your subscribers, which nurtures routine repeat business and referrals. However, instead of every email campaign, promotion or newsletter always going for a fast sale, try changing it up a bit with email content that your subscribers will find relevant and interesting. Creating simple email campaigns is a path towards building the right relationships with your email contacts…  By taking the guesswork out & making it easy, you’ll roll new customers into regulars in no time.

If you don’t have a website, you can use email marketing software to email your contacts a list of services or upload your menu and link it in an email builder.

You can provide directions, a link to driving routes or tips on parking. Strategically send happy hour discounts and lunch specials at relevant times in the week or day, to entice them at the very moment they are planning where to go.

People are always looking for easy gift ideas, so let all know that you offer Gift Cards. If you accept Reservations, provide a link to a reservation page on your site, or display your phone number.

Introduce a new staff member or new item or service in an email marketing campaign. This not only makes your content more interesting, it gives your subscribers the feeling that they’re part of your team.

Customer testimonials, press releases & endorsements provide social proof of your value.