One more hooray for Apple, as it’s most recent phenomenon, the Iphone, has officially defeated RIM’s Blackberry phones and other less email-friendly smart phones.

The current smart phone explosion has had a tremendous direct impact on email marketing in general by making it easy to access, read and respond to email newsletters and messages in your inbox with a single stroke of the finger. These tiny magical tools that nearly everyone carries around in their pocket has afforded savvy marketers and business owners worldwide a wider breadth to engage their customers quickly and directly using simple email marketing programs.

Email campaigns and newsletters are sent straightaway to targeted inboxes of those who want to hear from you, increasing the likelihood that those emails will not only be opened and read but converted into sales. And it goes without saying that customers are also using their smart phones more than ever. According to Nielsen, 45% of all smart phone mobile use is for checking emails, which is why every business should have a email marketing plan in place.

This makes it absolutely crucial for any business to engage in direct and relevant email communication,  varying from promotions, special offers, new item introductions, newsletters, etc. It is now easier than ever to start, with email marketing tools like RedCappi.