This is the time to be planning your holiday campaigns, not at the last minute when the holiday push is already in full swing. Get organized now and think about what types of promotions you wish to run and if you will be offering any incentives or coupons. You want to be among the first to suggest your product/service as a holiday gift or year-end token of thanks. With all the different things out there, it is vital to make a lasting FIRST impression, so that when your competitors make contact and know that they will, your market will think to come back to you!

Stay Current and Be True:

With each communication, make sure your campaign images display current pictures reflective of the season. Don’t be one of these other companies out there who are  promoting their Fall Pumpkin Spice Latte with an outdated, irrelevant picture of a bikini-clad beauty basking in the warmth of the sun. What’s more? Keeping your campaign communications in the likes of your business’s overall personality is also key. For example, if your company is a more light-hearted, fun venture, create promotions with high-impact images, lots of excitement and don’t be afraid to play around with cool casual jargon.

Tie It Together and Give Yourself the Biggest Gift Yet:

A company’s periodic campaigns that are harmonious in feel and aesthetics will help project your business in an more professional light. It is all in the details. Everything from font styles, to color specifications of email backgrounds, to the thickness of image borders should be considered when trying to stay in tune with your overall theme from one promotion to the next. And this applies to your website and Facebook page, too! You don’t want your email subscriber to become interested in you, only to then access an outdated webpage or an under-used Facebook page with a recent comment from two months ago. Remembering to stay current and connected across the board is the Biggest Gift you could gift to yourself and your business this year.