Why be nostalgic about that “ooh-la-la” feeling you got once the doors of your business opened for the very first time and the excited charge that flowed through your veins in that instant of self accomplishment? This is the amazing fervor that we must strive to hold onto to for all time, to ride the coattails of our own enthusiasm beyond the initial honeymoon phase.
Progressive budding businesses are fearless and forward-thinking, simplifying their business concepts, offering time and budget friendly services and products and feeding off of the collective hype surrounding them, smartly extending their reach through online, media and social avenues. But a successful opening, a popular launch party and initial hype are not enough to stay in the game in today’s marketplace, chalk full of keen competitors unafraid to copy your business model. Thus, it is imperative to sustain the momentum once you’ve gained the hype and email marketing is a one of a kind tool to help facilitate the mode of regular communication to drive your business and perfect your brand.
Recently, a hot new contender itself in the world of beauty salons, DryBar, with its beauty lounge concept, and simple and affordable blowout services modeled after cocktails, was faced with a spinoff of its business model. The culprit, Blushington, creatively named after a makeup tool, opened its doors literally next to DryBar’s West Hollywood location, offering simple makeup applications that you order off a look-book in a similar lounge-feel, and they are proud of their theory.

In terms of a business model, owner, Stephi Maron, is proud of her theory and sees Blushington, “expanding the way that Drybar has expanded in different cities,” and adds that she would like to open more stores, and “hopefully locate next to other Drybars. It would be very synergistic.”

Now, while Blushington is not directly competing with hair services, they are directly feeding off the DryBar hype, and only time will reveal more direct copy-cats. What is DryBar supposed to do? Throw their hands up and trust that their initial grand opening will be enough to secure business, in the face of how rapidly spinoffs are springing up? Absolutely not. To be successful, they will need to sustain and build on their momentum, immediately create recurring revenue and fast. And to play it smart.
This is where email marketing comes into play. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. With simple email marketing tools, businesses like the DryBar can immediately begin compiling and managing a list of their clients’ email addresses, and send them relevant communications and email offers to prompt them to come back, maybe sooner than they even planned. Relevant email newsletters and email campaigns, in keeping with your brand’s aura, to targeted inboxes are going to serve as the ultimate trigger in prompting customers to think about their next service update with YOU. Email marketing companies now make it easy for you to connect with your audience, whether by a quick email link, or access to your phone number in your email. Moreover, you can stay current and connected by tying in all your social media tools for added synchronicity and to have free flow of dialogue with your fans and followers.