As social media flourished, many businesses wandered away from their email marketing, assuming it was an aging medium. In fact, if email marketing had a voice, it would steal a quote from Mark Twain: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Email marketing is alive and well, driven, paradoxically, by the rise of social media.

As of 2016, most emails are opened on mobile devices. The quest to crush candy, flap birds, and share pictures of our lunch with the world has brought email from the desktop to your audience’s pockets and purses. This makes email marketing more important than ever to your inbound marketing strategy.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of your mail list:

  1. Make signing up easy. – Your web page should have an easy email list subscription form prominently displayed. E-commerce shops should prompt enrollment within the shopping cart. And, if you have a brick and mortar that offers wi-fi, there can be no better way to swell your subscribers list than prompting the user when they connect.
  2. Make signing up worth it. – Millennial consumers want bargains. You want a response to your email marketing campaigns. Make your emails mean something to the audience. Coupons, discounts, special gifts, and invitations to “members only” events are great ways to establish your brand and make sure they watch for your next message.
  3. Make it engaging. – You have a direct line into your audiences personal time through their email account. Use it to build a relationship. Prompt them to follow you on social media by asking them to offer opinions or chime in. If you are a local business, talk about local events. Encourage them to see you as more than a business but as a relationship.
  4. Use your analytics. – Any comprehensive marketing strategy should have benchmarks to measure success. Use this data to help target your messages toward your ideal buyer. Effective marketing isn’t delivered by the first pitch, but in reassessment and realignment for long-term success.

Email marketing is still an effective, almost necessary part of a multi-channel strategy. It helps bring motivated clients right to your door. Let us show you how to experience real growth today!