Everybody talks about producing content. We do it. Everybody (almost) does it. Everyday.

However, after a long content strategy, creation and publishing process what everyone suddenly forgets about is the outreach.

We want to help our clients and just demonstrate that there are truly simple tools and tactics today that defines how to take further steps. Steps which determine the success of your content and brand awareness growth.

There are different types of goals when it comes to the outreach. When you build your database of aspired contacts, continuous engagement is necessary.  Giving is important in outreach as well as making your best intentions crystal clear. For different goals, you should apply different strategies. What are they?

Outreach for a Guest Appearance

Such campaign includes contacting for an interview, guest post, participation on podcasts, webinars, which includes a mention of the business. There are many end goals in mind: relationship building, email subscribers, thought leadership, links, exposure to new audience segment. Many entrepreneurs after guest appearance find even a new engaging audience for their products or services.

When offering yourself as a guest, offer a contribution to the content distribution. For example 300$ for ads to distribute your guest appearance on podcast or interview article. That demonstrates your appreciation that your host invests time and resources for their brand building.

Where do experts first look when they perform research for opportunities?

The first things Alex Chaidarogloulook , Head of Growth at Flashchat, look at are:

Domain Authority (provided by MozBar) as well as PageRank (provided by SEOquake bar). They are the best and fast indicators of where a media outlet stands. SEOquake bar is provided for FREE by SemRush team and is an extremely helpful tool.

When you finally have offers to do a guest post, what next?

First, manage your expectations and clearly understand your goals. If your goal is to generate email subscribers, then make sure that funnel is ready.

According to Devesh Khanal, Founder, and CEO of http://growthrock.co/ “If you don’t send people to a dedicated landing page to turn them into email subscribers, it’s not worth it.“

Outreach for Influencers Marketing

New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer says: “True influence drives action, not just awareness.”

Every influencer is different. Grow a mutually beneficial relationship. The only true way to win hearts every time is to give, give and give. Don‘t outreach to ask for a favor. Such behavior will kill you, trust in your brand and ruin your reputation.

But when it comes to relationship building – if you don‘t ask, you won‘t get, and you should not expect to get either.

Influencers marketing requires research tools. E-mail address is what you need. Go for  EmailHunter.co. Amazing and beautiful app with Chrome extension is so helpful when influencers marketing offers high ROI.


Outreach for Co-marketing opportunities

Engagement requires effort. From the beginning to the end. Approach influencers who are open for co-marketing opportunities with specific topics and ideas. Pitch ideas so that influencers are not left with doubt about contacting you.

There is no industry or niche that can be entered without outreach campaign. Do not simply put all of your eggs into ads basket. Outreach and the business success and growth will find you.

You never know what next email can bring for your business. Take the step forward.

Outreach for link building

Link building in 2017 requires patience and communication skills. Or…. simply watching an amazing video with so well structured advice from Rand Fishkin.

He’s the founder of SEO software Moz, host of Whiteboard Friday, co-author of books on SEO, co-founder of Inbound.org and in the video, below he teaches us 5 ways how to get links without begging.

Apparently, you can earn links by smart outreach strategy, without feeling strange and awkward getting just 5 links of 100 contacts that you were trying for so long.


Tactics to earn links without asking – Whiteboard Friday

Moving on…

The final phase…

We all love and care about tools for tactics. What is the best and easy tool to use to manage your outreach campaigns?

Red Cappi was built having in mind easy segmentation system.

You can set up your outreach campaign list in few seconds for your link building and influencers marketing.

Have a separate form on the landing page for influencers to fill. Allow them easily contact you and make it clear that you are open to co-marketing opportunities. Red Cappi makes it so easy to build a signup form!



Red Cappi team is happy to help business owners and solo entrepreneurs with easy to use email service and empower you to reach for the stars! Best luck with your outreach campaigns and let Red Cappi Team help you with your marketing efforts. So easy a baby can use it.