“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”— Jim Collins

Talent hunting and recruitment are a painful business for any size of the company. The efficient recruitment campaigns and branding yourself as an employee of dreams can become an enormous task.

Today recruitment practise is different. And has become one of the hardest aspects of business development. Already in 2016 75% of companies surveyed by Randstad said it takes them more time to find the right talent than ever before. There are many reasons for this continuous struggle – the shift towards technology and different skill set requirements.

Candidates expectations have altered. Interactions with potential employers as well. If you have built a strong consumer brand, it doesn’t mean that your brand as employers is healthy too. Employer branding is not an outside positioning of the product, all of the work is done inside. Daily. Your employees define your business, our call to your customer service assistant and the interaction experience we get. This is your business for us.


Employees are winning their position and appreciation that they deserve in modern companies and startups because they are:

  • the ambassadors of the company
  • change makers and those who make a decision that transforms business
  • precious link to Do you know your customer so well as your customer assistant?
  • technology enablers

Ask yourself: why wouldn’t you want to create for them a place where they feel most present in?

How do successful organizations create attractive brands for potential employees?

Firstly today it’s not about salary or just job title. Culture is the essential element. The culture of influence in the workplace is attractive to millennials. Companies understand the shift of the culture – encourage questioning and interactions with employees.

How do you engage with your staff? Do you have individual sessions when employees can ask any questions?

Secondly, leadership is perceived as high trust and engagement, not a forceful isolating hierarchy. Leaders and managers can feel vulnerable too and should if culture is transparent.

Social media recruitment requires continuous engagement on social media, content creation and availability online. What can you do online? Tell talent worldwide about people behind your products, never hide them, be proud of them, always be openly proud of their teamwork. Let them be the face of your company because they are.

Why social media recruitment?

First of all – it is less expensive. Have you seen recruitment agencies rates?

Tony Restell, an expert in Social Media Marketing for Recruiters, understand your challenges. His website Social-hires.com content draws 10,000 social media shares every month, and these shares alone generate more than 25,000 visitors to the blog. Tony sees over 90 percent of new business come from social media.

He runs fantastic and very helpful webinars that can transform your team building and recruitment through social media.

Social media has become part and will stay. Therefore, you as an employer have to learn or seek advice about engagement tactics with potential employees on social media.


Source: https://www.shine.com/

What are other ways of recruitment?

Linkedin is the best way to go when you are hiring globally today. However, today we search for an even more advanced tool when it comes to the hiring. If you are on a journey of creating a startup with a remote team and you want to have the best team, a lot of research and monitoring should be happening.

EngageTalent provides a source from over 100 million passive candidates and enriches your you database with predictive insights.

It gives you 360 degrees view of the candidates and the best time to contact them.

Industries that primarily benefit from advanced search and monitoring of the candidates are:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Executive

Engage Talent has fantastic workflow management integrations that equip you and helps to take action.



When you have candidates tagged, you can send them automated emails using Red Cappi email software because we are on the Zapier platform too.

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Connections with employees, candidates, segmented lists of customers, potential partners.

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