In our last post, we touched on three of the six easy ways you could be using social media tools to boost email engagement. We covered: cross promotion, call to action, and incentive.

  • Buttons: Utilizing buttons can be an easy and effective way to help your engagement grow. Including a “share” button in your emails allows subscribers to easily share specific information in your email with their friends and followers on their own social media pages.  One analysis found that emails which include a “share” button have Click-Through Rate 158% higher than emails that didn’t include a “share” button.
  • Timing: You already know that timing when your emails are sent is crucial to response. The same information you used for analyzing your A/B testing for subject lines and demographics for your target audience for email marketing is going to help you optimize your social media strategy. If your target audience is teenage insomniacs, you probably aren’t going to want to schedule your content posts for Monday mornings on LinkedIn.
  • Visual Content: The popularity of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have highlighted what has already become true for sites like Facebook and Twitter. People are more interactive with visual content than with just text.  Spicing up your posts with videos, memes, gifs, infographics, and screenshots will pay off in more shares, likes, pins, and tweets and the more people will become familiar with your brand. 

Email marketing is here to stay, but adding social media interaction to your strategy will increase your existing plan. If you’d like to learn more about email marketing made easy and extending your social media reach, please feel free to contact us.