Email marketing has been a staple of business since the inception of email.  It remains one of the most cost effective ways to reach consumers.  As technology advances, so do the tools and tactics that can be used to promote your business. Here are six easy ways that you could be using social media tools to boost your email engagement

  • Cross Promotion: Your social media platform is just that: a platform from which you can share your brand and content. Use your social media account to promote your newsletter/offers/information. Use your social media platform to tease the contents of your emails and forget to plug your social media presence in your emails. The more your social media platform grows, the larger your email marketing audience will be.
  • Call to Action: Do your emails spell out the way in which you hope the reader will respond? If you send a marketing email without a directive, you may have just nailed down why you’re not getting the response you’ve been hoping for. Do your social media page clearly direct followers to subscribe to your email? Include an opt-in form for emails on your Facebook page and make it so easy for followers that they never have to leave the site.
  • Incentive: People will most often respond to a reward system. Make sure there is a benefit to signing up for your emails. Offer perks to being a subscriber, follower, or fan like getting special offers, contests, rewards, information before the general public, and discounts.  People immediately associate anything exclusive with desirability, so making your audience feel as if they are VIPs is to your benefit.

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