Here at Red Cappi, we love helping our users to establish converting business models using simple tools. In our previous post, we outlined strategy how to launch and sell your course. Today we would like to help you sell your music and art. Directly to your fans.

Online apps and integrations today makes it easy to monetize your art and creations in just a few seconds. Gumroad is a fantastic tool that significantly improves the productivity.

Gumroad is our favorite product when it comes to selling digital products because it clearly explains step by step how to do it.

Editing product information is easy and accessible.

Moreover, if you decide to create a website of your own, you can add a Gumroad button and use the platform for transactions.

Gumroad support smart selling and crossing as well as up selling. It encourages you to think strategically and create so-called tiers or plans for your product.

The payment system is flawless too and nothing to worry about. Gumroad pays its sellers every Friday via Direct Deposit (for creators in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia) or PayPal (everyone else).

Gumroad also can be found on Zapier.


 Product category

Music and art – photography and templates is a favorite product category.  Digital goods that you can sell today include:

  • eBooks
  • Music tracks
  • Soundtracks
  • Sound effects
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Video training courses
  • Templates for things like emails and websites
  • Social media templates
  • Banner templates
  • Web graphics and vectors
  • Presentation templates

When you think how much visual and audio content is published every day and how much every business that performs digital marketing requires your help – there is no excuse not to monetize your best creations!

Templates are helpful for small business marketing managers and solo entrepreneurs, therefore, you can always focus on the demand for social media graphics.

Choosing products

Any type of digital art and content can work. However, current design trends and needs for particular media like the video should drive your business decisions. Going through various platforms like can show you how much sales individual graphic designs make.

Testing and launching successful products requires patience. You can fail miserably 15 times, but if 21st time your product keep making income and makes 2 million in sales, it becomes worthwhile. Trends are changing and can affect your success. Use Google trends to make sure you understand the change in references that fluctuates monthly, weekly and daily.

Marketing and driving sales

Social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Using Zapier, you can easily Pin your new designs that you put on Gumroad.

Pinterest tools such as Tailwind and Viraltag helps automate many tasks at the same time giving you comprehensive analytics and help you optimize the timing of your pins. There is no question about social media importance in selling digital visual art, but the only issue is productivity and choice of the daily tools.

What is the single thing that unites all of the platforms? Consistency. Your hustle and consistency in making fantastic art and being authentic with fans and followers.

Contribute and engage. For example, find group boards on Pinterest where you can join and participate.

PinGroupie tool has options for sorting boards by popularity so you can quickly see those with the most prominent following, or most pins or likes.

Social selling skill and understanding channels is a fantastic way to boost your sales.

Pinterest strategy done right can build you traffic of 4000 visitors/month or even 40,000. That way you can save thousands of PPC budget. Handmade Charlotte website has 25% traffic (110,000/month total traffic) from Pinterest. It means 40,000/month traffic is coming from Pinterest. Even better news is that Pinterest users earn more than $75k.

Traffic costs both money and time. Pinterest, on the other hand, is free.


Pricing digital art can be hard but when you are starting out and not sure about pricing Gumroad even allows you to Let people choose their own value

What about influencers marketing?  Art and design require interaction with influencers and referral to get you a boost.  Influencers are your way to the success and sales. Establishing relationships and tapping to their audiences is the key to your business if you don’t have hundreds of thousands to advertise your art.

Your digital art funnel

Finally, Red Cappi integrates with Gumroad on Zapier and allows you to create your upsell and cross-sell funnel by incorporating emails to lists that are segmented.

Make sure that you offer personalized art. And the best way to do it is to send emails describing your creation, inspiration and translating your authenticity to the audience.

Red Cappi team hopes that our product will become your tool for success and your fans will enjoy your creation journey to the profitable business. So easy that baby can use it.