Many businesses have introduced the concept of “Rewards” into their business model, and Starbucks is of the leading companies visibly promoting points per drink. The Starbucks Rewards program endeavors to reward and thank loyal customers for patronizing Starbucks business, wherein benefits are determined based on the number of “Stars” earned through visits made. The Starbucks model has three levels of benefits depending on the number of stars collected and rewards ranging from free birthday drinks, to unlimited free refills and complimentary syrup customization.
Given Starbucks’ infinite success in exciting repeat business, why not immediately penetrate this powerful Rewards game and keep your customers coming back to you? The easiest and most effective way to do this is through Email Marketing. Online Email Marketing Software providers, like RedCappi, are making it easier than ever to send customized, professional looking email campaigns within minutes, right to the inboxes of those that want to hear from you. And better yet, these email offers can be made to match the look and feel of your company with endless email marketing campaign ideas to draw your existing customers in. With permission-based opt-in lists, email promotions are target bound, intended to reward your customers with special deals, or coupons, to thank them for their business and to encourage them to re-visit with discount incentives or special offers.
We call this Rewards for Rewards… give back and you’ll gain even more!
The RedCappi Team