Zapier provides a landscape of opportunities and ideas.

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

Charles Eames

Therefore, today we are searching for a quality connection that our followers and customers could use to build something amazing. Incredible for yourself, for your friends, for the family. You have ideas; it’s time to connect all the dots and take action.

In order to build something unusual – no matter what kind of product, service, digital product or app it is – it takes a crowd. The Loyal crowd can be affiliates, active participants in your social media channels, influencers.

Your website should connect all of the dots – how the crowd that wants to help you build more connections could make it all happen for you and create buzz.

So, your path today is clear – to get access to tools that make both your life and your brand ambassadors existence easier and empowering.

Here are those two tools- Ambassador and Formidable Forms.  And see how they easily integrate through Zapier!

What is Ambassador?

Ambassador is a platform. Full of features that make all kinds of connections meaningful for your growth.


You cannot call it simply a referral program because it includes everything that you have in mind when you start thinking about all of the types of recommendations and social following your business requires – affiliate, influencer, advocacy, partner, and referral programs. How are all of them different? Mainly intentions are different.

Affiliates and influencers have different motivations than a friend would have when referring a product or service to another friend. The most authentic endorsements come from people you know and trust, and it is usually referral system that empowers such interaction and engagement with your brand. Therefore, allow loyal and happy customers to share their experiences and express their recommendations about your brand.

How to make sure your ambassador’s program converts to the community members?

It all starts with form. Successful form’s secret is one – simplicity.

Brevity is the best recommendation of speech, whether in a senator or an orator.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Red Cappi team is inspired by the simple solutions that do not distract the user.

For example, Formidable forms for WordPress stand out as a form building plugin which gives you the freedom to create a very flexible form and gather more information about your clients and interested partners than any other form tool.

Formidable forms have so much to offer that you won’t need to hire a designer to make a form. You can all start on your own.  Look at 30 different field types that it offers you.



As a business owner, you might have a question about timing and how other companies a are benefiting.

When is it the perfect time to launch referral program?

There are many answers to this question. A lot of business owners and consultants believe that you should have an attractive referral system from the beginning in order not to miss on such significant opportunity. You can never know when somebody likes your brand. They might do from the beginning.

Experts such as Claire Lockhart, Senior Onboarding Coach says when a right amount of your business comes from recommendations, then you’re in the perfect position to implement an automated referral program.

How other companies benefit from Ambassador software?

Rich Adams, the Enterprise Sales Manager, says that companies are using Ambassador to control programs that are filling the sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Referrals close faster, buy more, stay longer, and are more likely to refer your brand to others.

What does an active referral campaign look like?

If you want to see results faster, Ambassador integration is definitely a right choice for your business.

Both of the systems integrate with Zapier and Red Cappi. You can quickly send you new brand ambassadors automated emails using Red Cappi service.

Red Cappi was created so that you can easily apply tools to your business and streamline the communication process. Red Cappi team is helping small business owners identify the best opportunities no matter which sector you choose- e-commerce, tech, B2B services.

Outreach programs and automated emails are so easy that a baby can use it. Start today growing your brand ambassadors!