The headline speaks for itself. Business has a long-term goal to reduce churn rate.

However, we all continuously searching for a fast solution that can empower us to start solving this problem as soon when it comes apparent in our business report.

On what do startups as well as large enterprises rely when it comes to finding a way to meet the goal of churn rate?

The answer is one. It is a  customer intelligence data. Gathering data is both hard and easy. Easy if you use the right tools that give you instant answers.  Red Cappi team is all about the right tools that help to implement a strategy that drives growth.

When it comes to your customer data – simply stands out. It helps you capture actionable customer feedback using the Net Promoter System® to proactively reduce churn.

What is the Net Promoter System (NPS)?

The Net Promoter Score categorizes your customers into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Your NPS score is calculated by taking the percentage of clients who are Promoters and subtracts the percentage who are Detractors.

What do experts teach us about customer experience data?

Brian Murphy, the Marketing Manager at Zaius, has always put an emphasis on powering marketing campaigns with customer-centric data.  Granular level data available today gives so many answers that drive growth and can empower the right decisions.

Jim Tincher, the founder of Heart of the Customer who helps companies of all sizes increase customer engagement, states that „Data is critical – but only once your business really understands your current and ideal customer journey.“

Ideal customer journey

Have you ever thought about how does your perfect customer journey look like? The journey is a map full of touchpoints. Perfect route to buying, becoming a loyal customer and referring my friend should feel like a breeze. Not just 1 point of contact, ensure that your customers get a complete package as soon as possible. Don‘t make them contact you more times. Because they won‘t, why would they? You have sensitive customers with very high expectations no matter which category of products/services your business sells. Site speed, QandA sections, mobile-friendly design – we all crave for perfect experience so as a business we are entitled to our customers to give only the best.

Otherwise, there is no value proposition. No brand.

All the touch points must be comfortable and motivating- if I want to ask about available gift cards, or discounts for my friend – your web chat should answer me in a few seconds and convert my sudden wish to buy from you. Today it’s easier said than done. Because customer expects many touchpoints and channels and also force you to be available on all channels – Facebook, web chat, phone, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc…

On the other hand, if you want to do business you have to adapt to the new requirements. If you say that it is for big companies, then do not cry about those companies stealing your customers when they are on Facebook. What excuse actually do you have for not using Facebook chat for engaging with customer and your community?

Instant clarity is a valid requirement in today‘s competitive landscape. Immediate clarity with flawless touchpoints driving buying intentions can help you become a winner.

Your customer service team needs continuous training and support from your technical team so that they could be 100% confident enough to help with complex customer problems without trying to escape responsibility.

Many business owners expect customer service just to solve problems. But they forget about their responsibility to empower their employees with the right tools and information.

What are other ways you can use

Not just your customers, but also employees determine the success of your brand. tHerefore, if you think about your brand trust and talent attraction, use

Is it easy to use?

The team understands that demo is helpful when it comes to another new software in their client’s portfolio. So you can easily visit the website and try demo without signing up.

Here is the screenshot that shows the dashboard. Easy and created for your comfort and fast delivery of results and reporting system.

How can Red Cappi help you on this path?

Red Cappi being on Zapier allows you transfer leads across many apps. You can use your Red Cappi lists that you gather and import them to

We are continuously helping our customers to choose the best tools and empower their business growth. Time is precious. No learning curve.

So easy that baby could use it.

Best luck with your goals and growth!

If you want to use Red Cappi for your marketing channels, contact us for more information.