Email Internationally

RedCappi has just added a new feature that allows for you to create emails in many different languages to better suit your subscriber’s language palette. We’ve got your email marketing covered internationally!

The RedCappi Editor Genius

The RedCappi drag-and-drop email editor supports whatever form of language or fonts you input, so you plug in the lingo on your keyboard, and the editor will make sure it renders true in the email. So whether your email is in Spanish, Italian or Chinese, it doesn’t really matter.  

But don’t stop here, because you want to make sure that your footer language matches what’s in the email. 

Select Preferred Language from “My Extras”

RedCappi’s footer content is set to “English” by default. If you are sending email campaigns in a different language, you will need to select the preferred language setting to match. For the mandatory non-editable text and links as part of each email that goes out (i.e. the unsubscribe link), you can set the language to match the language in your email campaign. To do this, you need to go to “My Extras” in your account, and select your preferred language from the menu. 


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