You definitely don’t want to spend your time designing an egocentric and transparently self-promoting newsletter which no one cares to read or pay any particular attention to. Trust these words, you are not that fun and not that interesting. No one wants to hear about another person or company go on and on about themselves and a lengthy, multipart monologue of a newsletter definitely will not entice your subscribers to continue reading past the first couple sentences, much less begin to follow what you email routinely. 

The secret to successful email newsletters is to charm your subscribers and turn them into super customers with relevant, exciting, recent content that is of value to their time strapped world. Effective email newsletters are personal and entice your subscribers to begin looking forward to what you have to say, to what you have compiled for them this week or month, and in turn, these followers become loyal subscribers who give your newsletter momentum to keep growing. 

6 Ways to Begin Putting Together Email Newsletter Content

Find blogs and articles that others have written in the online community that speak to your topic. A second opinion or an alternate perspective often adds clout to your content. It goes without saying that more popular blogs with larger followings and large engagement are a great starting point, in terms of being a hot topic that people are talking about.

Begin compiling links that have served you well or that you have actually clicked on and referenced, because eventually, these links will help you become you somewhat of an authority in your particular filed, a go to forum of sorts, chalk full of organized, informative links to topic specific direct resources. 

Adding photos and videos to your newsletters brings them to life, giving movement, depth and an artistic, literal flair to your production. Visual stimulation is a large part of a successful email campaign, especially when your subscribers are hard pressed for time. It draws their eyes to a quick take on what will be talked about, and breaks up the visual humdrum of mere words on a page. Your photos can serve as compliments to paragraph headings, make for excellent transitions and valuable visual incentives.

YouTube videos are also perfect additions for instructions, tutorials, how-to’s and for bringing a topic essentially to life, by showing how it works.

Find inspiration anywhere, from anything… the blog you came across while perusing online, the heroine you want to pay homage to or the wedding you attended Saturday night… it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you are open to your surroundings and embrace all that is around you in your daily life, to find inspiration in many different things. There is no limit to where inspiration may stem from, but it’s up to you to transform those momentary feelings of motivation into a business advantage.

Further build momentum with email marketing by compiling a list of the latest trends, hot topics, events, news or advances in technology within your industry’s community and affiliated resources for exploring such add-ons. Such resources may be contact information, instructions or explanatory articles, in addition to the above mentioned photos, videos and blogs on par.

You can and should make it personal, everything from your discussion topics to your company plugs to your tone. Routine digests that afford insight about your company culture, whether they may be top weekly picks, or reflections on keynote posts that month, command an heir of believability and influence. These email newsletters are essentially your company voice, so you can envelope it with as much serious or light content and tone of discourse, to better embody your online persona and company society. Email Newsletters are particularly unique because they present a folder of varying indirect marketing opportunities to brand yourself and direct you on the right path towards becoming a well respected authority in the email marketing realm.