For business owners who cater to other businesses, each client generates much more revenue than an individual, which is why the stakes are higher. That’s also why losing a single client can cause a major dip in revenue, and gaining a new one can send it through the roof.

Our free email-marketing platform has cracked the code on winning newsletters that keep your customers engaged. RedCappi has been in the business of custom-made email marketing solution plans since 2012.

Check out this blog post about running successful campaigns over email. This expertise helps them create intelligent solutions. Here’s what their team recommends for excellent promotional content:

1. A/B Testing

A/B testing is simple enough. You pick two sample sets out of your customer base and send them each a campaign. By recording their responses, you then ascertain which elements of each were most effective. This data will enable you to create the main campaign you’ll send via a bulk email sender online.

2. Segmented Contact Lists

Mass email senders are a great tool for efficiency, but breaking up your clientele and creating custom campaigns for each segment can make for more focused marketing. If your A/B findings are that one group responds positively to something the other responds negatively to, that’s a cue to create segments.

Each segment will have its own assigned marketing strategies and guidelines, which means that having them ready to go is personalized marketing made easy. If you have four segments, creating four altered campaigns will put the right content in front of the right eyes.

3. Embedded Forms

Most of your customers get emails on the go. Put off by the tediousness of clicking links that’ll open in separate windows, they’ll skim and close it. Instead, you can use email signup form software to engage new customers without them having to leave the email.

When in doubt, go with the instant gratification approach. Show your clients that you respect their time and go out of your way to create efficient processes.

4. Study Your Audience

It’s important to keep track of responses. However, even with embedded forms and specialized email campaign management; you can’t count on engagement from every front. Luckily free email marketing services offer real-time insights to the sender. This means you can view and track the reception your campaign gets.

Your clients may well ignore your campaign. In that case, the best you can do is learn from it.

Man receiving an email containing marketing software

If all of the above sounds like a lot of resources to allocate, don’t fret. RedCappi is a designer platform made especially to make email-marketing campaigns easy and effective. Not only does our campaign management software have everything you need, but it’ll also inspire you to step up your strategies.

Of course, if you simply want to streamline the marketing processes, we have free email marketing tools, but our masterful software developers are capable of everything short of magic. Click here to view the plans, including the free option, and see the email sequence software bulk up your profit margins.