Long before the email marketing campaign, promotional content was plastered on plaques and screens high up in the sky, and pedestrians would pause to scan them for useful information. Smaller scale marketing could be signs posted in shop windows or on a standing chalkboard on the sidewalk.

While traditional billboard marking campaigns haven’t gone extinct, they don’t have the same effect. Most pedestrians walk streets with phones in hand and eyes cast downward. Today, if someone wants information about a company, they won’t check the shop window or even call them. They’ll use an app.

That’s where RedCappi comes in with driven email marketing campaign features.

What Are Promotional Emails?

A promotional email can be anything from a “welcome aboard” email to a new customer to a sales alert. People spend most of their day online, and a strategic bulk email with the right email campaign management software can draw eyes and clicks.

The modern day is all about easy access and instant gratification, which is why a tactical e-approach, with no fluff, can hit the target without overwhelming the client.

How Can An Email Marketing Campaign Be Tactical?

The trick is to have an intuitive team combined with a user-friendly email-marketing platform. There are several options for email-sending software, and each of them has unique features. However, those features may be counterproductive to your team’s efforts if they can’t find them or have to expend time and energy trying to use them correctly.

When choosing your software, make sure there’s a free option so that your team can test drive the software. As they do this, they should make sure that it has the correct tools and automation software that will facilitate their plans.

Creativity and human connection are at the heart of marketing. Good email campaign management software will inspire both.

What Are Some Tools And Services To Look For?

Email marketing solutions are meant to reduce work for a marketing team. They streamline the work by allowing them to quickly build custom and generic campaigns and designate the bulk of their time to studying the market. It can also take on your customer engagement needs.

Here are some useful and highly recommended tools that could transform your promotion plans:

  • A/B testing allows you to test approaches on smaller groups before you perfect the campaign.
  • Mobile marketing that makes your emails smartphone-friendly.
  • Sign-up form builders that allow you to embed questionnaires into emails so that clients don’t have to follow links. This makes them much more likely to respond and shows them that you respect their time.
  • Segmented contact lists will allow you to separate your clients based on preferences. For example, if you’re sending out a Happy Halloween email, but a small number of your clients wouldn’t appreciate it, then you can put them in one segment so that the bulk emaildoesn’t go to them. Personalization is an important part of effective promotion.
  • Insights that update in real-time allow you to see the response to your campaign and work off of it on the next one. A hand holding a sales tag

RedCappi has been on the scene for about a decade, and their software developers offer full-stack services that could help you incorporate smart solutions into your workplace. Their designer-made platform includes email signup form software, automated email sending software, and bulk email marketing software. The best part is that, based on your contact list, all of this might be free!

Follow this link to view the free and paid plans.