Webinars convert when done right.  They are particularly excellent conversion tools for B2B companies. You don’t need 20 assistant when your tools are clear, and you have a system in place.

So today we will present you 3 trusted tools and how they collaborate together to make sure that you get the best results from your efforts and time.

Experts agree about the effectiveness of webinars and companies have shared their results.

Neil Patel shared how Kissmetrics used webinars to generate approximately $1,638,000 in revenue from just 77 webinars. To learn from the best you can go to the Kissmetrics webinar page and see how many recorded webinars continue to generate leads and are repurposed. The directory is divided into topics and optimized for various problems. But you always start with 1 and you can have 48 webinars list after 12 months if you do just 1 per week. Be patient. And use smart tools.

GoToWebinar is popular and trusted software that makes it easy for any size of business to start webinars.


Ross Davies, the owner of design agency Strafe Creative, who focus on creating high converting websites, suggests that you should also concentrate on A/B testing because even small changes can affect your business. He gave an example: we tested changing the CTA button in 5 different colors, and green provided a 4% increase compared to the old button.

Therefore, we want to introduce you Unbounce. Unbounce can play a critical role in your webinar campaign success.

It allows you to create landing pages that convert because you can easily do A/B testing. It has so many features that drive conversions that we would need a book to mention all of them. Features are based on the data about conversion rates and how to increase them across the website and landing pages.

Unbounce will make sure that it is easy for you to start using the platform and even equip you with 125+ Landing Page and Overlay Templates.

Zapier has a zap that allows capturing GoToWebinar registrant from Unbounce landing pages submission.

Several more ways to increase conversion rates of the webinar.

In order to increase conversion rate, first, you should care about the attendance rate. Registration rate is always higher than the attendance. How to motivate your followers to show up and attend the webinar that they signed up for? Offer a free content upgrade bonus at the end or coupon.

Don’t start selling at the beginning of the webinar. Don’t even mention your service or product. They will perceive it as selling and leave webinar before they even hear your expertise on the topic.

Send multiple reminders. Your customers are busy and even though they might be motivated but your 1 reminder won’t be enough for them to put your webinar on the schedule. Red Cappi can make this process stress-free. Our drip email function will help you create reminders without any distractions. When using Red Cappi, you can send an email a week before, a day before and an hour before the start of the webinar. Experts advise from 3-6 emails. Because of the fluctuating schedules of the current lifestyles, it is common to send 2 emails on the day that webinar launches.

Use chat box feature. The most engaging webinar hosts that we have listened to always used chat box creatively. The webinar can be exhausting without interaction. Prepare quizzes and questions that you ask during different webinar parts.

Do you have to do the webinar alone? No! Unlike other software, GoToWebinar allows adding multiple presenters. Use this opportunity, find partners that will increase interest in the webinar and will help you with outreach campaign. Use all channels to market your webinar.

Eventbrite, the world’s largest event technology platform, powering over 2 million events around the world each year, is an excellent choice because it attracts a big crowd and is free for free events. Moreover, it is events platform that is also on Zapier platform that integrates all your business process!

Timing is critical too. Even the biggest companies with the large following have a marketing plan for their webinars to make sure that they convert. Make sure that you have 2-3 weeks to market across all channels. Best practices suggest 3 weeks of promotion prior to the webinar. Forgot to add something, no problem! GoToWebinar allows you to edit your webinar on the mobile app!

You can integrate Unbounce, Gotowebinar, and RedCappi on Zapier. All 3 tools are easy to manage and will help you create an incredible experience for your customers and potential leads.  Red Cappi team tries to share growth hacks that business of all sizes can use it.  Red Cappi email marketing platform leaves you no questions.

Because it is so easy that a baby could use it.