Content is challenging and as its landscape is growing and expectations of customers and content consumers, in general, are growing.

Consistent Content Operations is one of the biggest problems today for marketers. If you are a small to medium business and you have one person in your office that is responsible for marketing, then you are in trouble. The content that your company should produce today is enormous. Why? Each piece of real value-driven content ensures your brand gets attention. Not your competitors.

Why should you care about content curation when everybody talks about creation?

We will show you why. Visit and try searching for interest. Let’s say you are selling garden decorations, outdoor furniture or anything related to gardening. See what readers like, share and type of content that is most successful on social media.

What you see the top most shared results, click on them and analyze.

We will make it easy this for you – analyze and answer the question – is it curated content or original?  The answer is – curated. The list type of articles is the best choice. You can, of course, gain some additional insights. For example, other topics or sub-categories for your gardening content.

This means that if you are able to curate content about your topics productively and based on insights that provides, you can actually get some traffic.

Your ability to curate content depends on the organization and bookmarking.

Today you can download Pocket app, which is amazing. You can curate your content while you are traveling, on the move and everything will be organized for you.


The best part is that you can tag all formats videos, images, and articles from over 1500 apps.

How to make sure that you act on it?

You don’t want just to have a big pocket. All You want to create action and move it towards content creation easily.

 “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

― C.G. Jung

Action requires a connection. You get a connection with Zapier. Easily and just in a few seconds.

What can you do with Zapier zaps?

  1.  So the first thing you can do is to start a post on WordPress based on the tagged item. Do not wait until you lose inspiration about the subject.

2. Many content managers use Trello for editorial calendar. If you use it too, then when you like your pocket items Trello can create cards for your future reference.


  1. If you need a weekly or monthly digest to get reminders about your save items, you can receive them via Gmail. It will help you not to get lost in ideas and actually use the content that you think your followers will love.

What….If you cannot (or just do not want to) bookmark and organize, is there any solution to get everything delivered to you and your followers? is the closest solution that we found.


If you are still not convinced about content curation importance for your business, content curation evangelist Robin Good that we follow and learn from has published a guide on how content curation is affecting the future of many sectors.

Content curation for small business

Many small business owners and founders hesitate when marketing experts urge them to get involved in content marketing including content curation. The shift of understanding about content and interaction of small brands with consumers happened suddenly and is now must-have tactics for your growth.

Small business owners far too often forget that all they have is a brand that requires consistent work. Work with content, which supports your vision, mission and value proposition. Words are powerful, and format only helps to give them even more supremacy.

Changing the way you look at the content curation

Mapping and curating content is a fantastic skill set that can help you build followers by hacking into news, conversations, controversies and assisting the readers to solve problems.

Be a news source, be a media company from today. When people turn to you for topics, they care it means you have built enough trust about your brand. Then selling becomes smooth and natural.

Content curation has become a part of social selling movement. When you share content. What is your goal? Connection. It is the primary goal. Once you have it, you can expect attention. Followers are easy to loose with content that is not interesting, correct and fluctuates too much in terms of timing and topics.

Get your followers and keep them and once you have them send them automated emails with Red Cappi.