You want to get people to sign up to your email list. So you create a signup form, but nobody seems to care or even notice! If that sounds like you, then you may find these tips on how tooptimize your signup form or landing page useful.

Keep It Short and Simple, But Provide Compelling Reasons

First of all, eliminate any unnecessary fields. The more fields needed to fill out, the less likely people are going to do it. People don’t usually take the time to discern whether those extra fields are optional or not, so just leave out the optional fields altogether. You usually only need their email address, nothing more. However, don’t just say, “Sign Up!” You want to tell them what they are signing up for and what they are going to gain from it.

Make Your Form Visually Appealing

Just like web pages need images to catch visitors’ attention, so do signup forms. Include a relevant image, perhaps your company logo or a free ebook you will be sending them. Don’t oversize the image — it should look just right.

Redcappi Signup Form

Tell Them About Others

People will feel more compelled to sign up if they know that many other people have already signed up. Once you have a sizeable amount of subscribers, make sure to tell them that “X amount of people have already signed up/are getting updates to their inbox” or something similar. Nobody wants to feel like the only person doing something.

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