Landing pages on well-designed websites help turn leads into customers. When viewers visit a website, a landing page can be a standalone page on top of the main page, or the main page of a site. It reminds audiences of the latest information – whether it’s a promotion, sale, the latest branding campaign, or a recent event. When it comes to digital marketing, marketers want to optimize online conversions.

Meanwhile, a signup form is useful for encouraging viewers to subscribe to newsletters or e-mail updates. These types of pages and forms help make a website more “sticky” when created with the user in mind.

Enjoy these suggestions for how to optimize online conversions by addressing your signup forms and landing page:

The Main Stage

Consider creating a signup form or landing page that stands out from the rest of the information around it. A landing page on top of the main page might look bright, while the background could be darkened or muted.

Be sure to make your signup forms and website consistent with your overall marketing goals. Make these parts of your site relevant and timely. Update them periodically, have a time limit on them, or make them seasonal.

Attractive Imagery and Design

Make your signup form or landing page easy to read, view, and navigate. Use stunning images or highly readable fonts. While you may require certain information from the visitors, why make these aspects of your site overly cumbersome? Try to balance your business needs with your customer’s needs.

The easier it is to opt-in or signup for something, the more likely you will be able to convert visitors to long-term customers. Be sure your landing pages and signup forms look great and work well from various devices. Of course, use the necessary security features to avoid spam or bots.

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