You put a lot of hard work into your email content. But that effort doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good fit for everyone on your mailing list. In fact, the better the content is, the fewer people that it applies to. Emails need to be customized to suit your subscribers’ preferences, interests, and previous activity. But that can be impossible to do when you’re manually powering your email marketing engine.

How can you make sure you’re emailing the right content to the right subscribers?

Data collection

In order to curate correctly, you need to focus on data collection. This can seem like dangerous territory, especially in the wake of Google’s massive fines to GDPR. But you can collect data and respect your readers’ privacy with the right tools. 

The best email marketing tools don’t just make your content look pretty or optimize a mass send-out. Instead, it creates unique tags in the hyperlinks that tie to each subscriber. For example, if you send two readers an email about dogs and both of them open it, you can assume they care at least a bit about dogs. If one of the readers clicks on a link in your email, you know they care about dogs because getting someone to click on something isn’t easy. On a massive scale of thousands of emails and millions of individual URLs, you need a good system to help you keep up.

Different campaigns and tracks

Now that you know Subscriber A cares about dogs and you aren’t quite sure about Subscriber B, you can split them up. Even that single point is reason enough to start sending Subscriber A more dog-related content and to continue to look for Subscriber B’s interests with general content. 

Tools like RedCappi don’t just help you get information so you can serve your subscribers better. It helps you manage all of your campaigns and customizations. Contact us here to try a demo or learn more.