Smartphone devices are winning the battle, whether it’s online shopping, email marketing or social media marketing. Practically, the likelihood of your audience opening your emails on the desktop is lower.

So if you want to drive user engagement and compel them to take desirable action via email marketing campaign, you’ll have to build a mobile-friendly marketing campaign. This post guides you through the best mobile-friendly practices to increase lead conversion.

Practice #1: Value-Adding, Short Copy

You may want to reconsider if you’re used to writing detailed emails.

Google clips incoming emails at 102kb, so your content is clipped, which means your subscriber has to download the rest of the content manually. You risk lowering email impact.

Follow the “less-is-more” approach because people are always short on time. Focus on writing value-adding, short copies that answer all the questions.

Practice #2: Clean Layout

Desire. Anticipation. Excitement. These are the emotions you’ll want to aim for. An overcomplicated design beats the purpose of a short copy. Don’t cram everything into a limited layout.

Your audience will most likely open emails on mobile while they’re on the go. You need to keep a clean and easy-to-scour email layout. Follow one column approach, so your audience doesn’t have to zoom in. Keep the action buttons visible and easy to click.

Practice #3: Impactful Images

A picture can only speak a thousand words when you pick the right one. Finding an impactful image with the limited space you have in a mobile-first approach can be challenging. Focus on quality images that load instantly.

An image that sells what you’re trying to say will help readers see what you’re bringing to the table. You can personalize images and texts based on the audience’s product affinity, interests and shopping behavior.

Practice #4: Obvious and Clear CTAs

An average person has to make 35,000 decisions in a day. As a marketer, it’s your job to limit their choices, so your customers don’t feel overwhelmed. Otherwise, they might not take any action at all.

You’ve got a fraction of the time to grab your subscriber’s attention. Don’t make them hunt for the CTA button. Tie CTAs together so they can skim through details and take quick action.

Practice #5: Cross Links

You won’t want to take your subscribers to your homepage if your goal is to compel them to buy a product. That’s where you need to cross-link and use deep links. These links aren’t any different, but they take a user to an app when clicked. You can use the deep link in your email marketing automation software to offer convenience.

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