So you have an email marketing campaign but are short on subscribers? This is a common problem that marketers share. It is important that you have a strong online and offline presence for your brand. The below tips will focus on building email lists offline.

Use paper

Paper is not extinct. A fusion of print and digital content can take a marketer a long way. Make appealing flyers with a strong call-to-action and post them to your local community boards. Putting up flyers in the neighborhood coffee shops, recreation centers, universities and grocery stores will put you at an advantage over competitors.

POS sign up

If you have a storefront or booth at events, use your POS to generate leads. People can sign up for you newsletter when they are checking out and opt out of certain campaigns. You can also pose a raffle to motivate people to give up their information. Giving away free merchandise to one out of 200 people is worth the amount of quality leads you’ve gained.

Word of mouth

Don’t forget the most basic form of marketing, word of mouth. Networking and pushing your brand at conferences, trade shows or other events is sure to produce leads. Make sure to not regurgitate a canned speech but instead speak passionately about your product. Creativity and personalization are key to keeping potential subscriber’s attention. Whether your clientele prefers malls or downtown meetings, talking is a universal tool for brand promotion.

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