Email marketing campaigns are compelling when it comes to conversion and insights.  There are many benefits of email marketing, and your digital marketing and website cannot be alive without vigorous email campaigns. Email is live and will stay here to generate you leads and shorten the sales cycle.

So your responsibility as a business owner should be to take care of its efficiency.

What work is included in the email marketing campaign creation?

Creating email marketing campaign, writing copy, deciding on the time and schedule takes work. However, you always need to leave yourself enough energy for the control during the campaign. Sometimes it’s all about overthinking the first step and not realizing that quality control during the campaign itself can be even more critical.

The first step should be the easiest in terms of expectations. Only when you have enough content and good drip email schedule you can act on the analytics that you see.

The following are the decisions that you have to make about your next email marketing campaign:

  1. Buyer persona or the segment of your email list.
  2. Copy of the email targeted to the buyer persona
  3. Call-To-Actions (CTA) in each email.
  4. Sometimes timing can be right, but it depends on the week and global level events even. Timing is unclear despite many smart tools that claim to tell you the best moment for the engagement.
  5. The length of the campaign. Will it be 5 emails or 8 emails?
  6. More importantly-responsive design. Why? A Gartner study demonstrated that 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their email.

What problems do usually appear in email marketing campaigns?

The most painful problems with email marketing campaigns are related to the assumptions about the email marketing concept itself.

For example, segmentation gets most excuses. Why? Because this step requires a lot of research and well-defined scenario on how your visitors of website travel their journey. How do you identify the segments? Can one visitor become part of 2 email list segments?

HubSpot Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella shows that marketers who segmented their email database into 2-6 lists saw an 8.3% email click-through rate, as opposed to the 7.3% clickthrough rate perceived by marketers who used a single list for all their email marketing.

Wrong timing and relevancy often kill the campaign. Understand their needs, not yours. If you see that engagement is dropping then make sure that you try a different approach for the emails that show a lack of activity.

How can you ensure timing and relevancy for those that seem to be losing subscribers?

75% of your email list is inactive and therefore– utterly useless for your business growth and sales.

Scary.  But business insights are often frightening. And they give answers to such questions as for why do we not get sales from the email? Why do subscribers refuse to open our email? Why has this customer put us in the spam folder? What is going on? And the answer is back to the number: 75%.

Enough crying. You should try winning them back today. This might be the last day when they are still interested. There might be no tomorrow.

How? There are reactivation and re-engagement tactics of email subscribers that you can always use to get back your followers. Just do not wait for too long. There is usually a time limit for when you can get the attention back. And the first mistake is business pauses for too long to try reactivating subscribers.

Empower your team, be proactive and re-engage with customers before they are too disengaged and unsubscribe. Make sure your team can take care of this risk.

For such reactions to become active, you will require a simple tool. A tool that will take care of your email list health and will heal the previous mistakes made during the campaigns that worked poorly.

Red Cappi team chooses Hipchat today.

Why? Because it empowers the team to take action. Remote teams shine with Hipchat.


Hipchat is more than a team communication tool. With all the integrations it provides you and your team – it becomes a command center and business monitoring tool. It gives a chance to the team members and your employees to react when important notifications are received.

So how can you use Hipchat and RedCappi together?

Integrate them through Zapier and ensure that your team receives notification on Hipchat when bounce rate increases, open rate drops or click-through is too little when expected.

Red Cappi team works for you to help you find simple solutions that can make you more productive and ensure that you see results. We search for connections.