Marketers don’t shy away from acknowledging how vital email marketing is to them. More and more companies are now choosing to have automated email-sending software due to the growing popularity of this mode of communication and marketing. If this strategy can boost your sales on regular days, imagine what it can do during the holiday season. Hence, here are some holiday email marketing strategies to help you make the best out of season.

Segment Your Emails

Not everyone wants to receive your emails. This is the first step to understanding that targeting the right audience is extremely important. So, you want to segment your audience based on the following factors:

  • Find out who purchases only when there are discounts offered
  • Find out who browses the purchase section of your website
  • Find out who will be interested in purchasing from you by looking into their purchase history

Always Plan Ahead

It isn’t wise to send emails right when the holiday season begins. This is because by then, people already have their shopping plans. You want to create a detailed schedule way ahead of the holiday season so you can give advanced notice of your offer using the best email automation services.

Make It Visually Appealing

Remember that there’s just a 4-5 second window to make an impression on the reader. So, you want to make it as visually appealing as possible. Use colors, GIFs, and any other relevant, interactive elements to buy more time and retain their attention.

Pay Attention to the Subject Line

People often decide whether or not to open an email just by looking at the subject line. They might need a bit more convincing during the holiday season than usual. You want to make it catchy instead of sending a robotic message through an automated email sending software and ensure that the line is relevant to the holiday.

Avoid Being too Salesy

Before using your bulk email sender online and filling up people’s inboxes, understand that it isn’t uncommon for people to receive promotional emails during certain times of the year. There’s a good chance that your email will get lost somewhere in that flood. To prevent this from happening, avoid focusing too much on holiday sales. Instead, ask whether they’d like to receive holiday-related emails.

Stick to the Holiday Theme

Form a connection between your email and the holiday theme to create a positive impression of your company among the customers. This is where you need to understand that just an offer or a discount won’t be enough to increase sales. A creative copy, on the other hand, can certainly do the job.

Run Your Campaign on Lesser Known Holidays

Everyone knows there will be promotions for Black Friday, but you can always choose to stand out and think about lesser-known holidays such as Green Monday or Giving Tuesday.

Final Word

Using the right email marketing strategies during the holiday season can do wonders to boost your sales. For additional guidance, email marketing tools, and resources, contact RedCappi right away!