Leads are hot only for a moment. That moment is your business, success, and money. Only ignorance and lack of tools can kill your business when it comes to sending the proposal on time.

 Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.

– Zig Zigler

More often than not salesmen actually create that obstacle themselves and then blame the lead that they lost interest and desire. Stop blaming everyone around you and always demonstrate the willingness and hurry first.

If you are not making proposal real time, you shouldn’t be in B2B business at all. Why? Statistics are not on your side if you are lazy and arrogant enough to think that clients will wait.

According to a study conducted by SalesForce:  80% of business buyers expect brands to communicate in real-time.

The mood, the thoughts about the product and requirements can shift many degrees in one hour. Your client might be browsing for reviews about your product, for alternatives to your technology or in 5 min he or she might find that your competitor offered to send a proposal in the next 10 minutes.

 Inside sales Lead Response Management Study uncovered that the odds of qualifying a lead decrease by over 6 times in the 1st hour.

Connected customer is your goal. If you are in business, then your blood vein is your connection to your clients and prospective leads. Many small business owners and solo entrepreneurs think that they need a big call center to meet the requirement of the connected customer. But there is always a different solution and much easier one. Red Cappi team today will help you.

Tools required to show desire to serve client

Lead management process can be simplified with the right tools. Even if you have a small B2B services company, you should have CRM and proposal software, because it will help you automate client generation pipeline and save time.

Today we are looking at how we could integrate Pipedrive with Proposify.

Pipedrive is a deal closer and CRM software. Using Pipedrive, you can focus on actions that matter in closing the deals. You can write emails from the Pipedrive itself and get a notification about your deals. You can manage your pipeline by personalizing it.

A typical sales pipeline on the Pipedrive might look like this:

  • Target (early days, not yet contacted)
  • Contacted (you’ve contacted your lead)
  • Meeting Agreed (you’ve agreed on an agenda and a date)
  • Proposal Sent (you’ve submitted a formal proposal)
  • Close (time to catch the signature)

Of course, needless to say, stages will differ in each business and industry based on the sales approach and decision-making process of your prospects. No one sales pipeline design fits all.

How to make sure that your Proposal stage is synchronized with Proposal software?

Proposify is an excellent solution.

Proposify gives you insights into your proposals. You can actually see how many views each proposal received and which sections were most examined.


It integrates with Pipedrive through Zapier.



How can email marketing help you to speed up your lead pipeline even more?

How to make sure that you remind about your proposal and nourish the connection that you established? Use email marketing automation tool like Red Cappi. When you integrate it on Zapier, you can quickly send automated emails flow on the schedule that you choose, and while you are having lunch with a prospective client, your previous lead is receiving an email with a better offer. Win 2 clients when you are having lunch with just 1!

How to build a list and segment your clients?

You can segment your customer’s lists based on industry, their company size  – any criteria that you can use for better-personalized follow-up emails.

How to get emails from clients that haven’t asked for proposal yet?

  • Use Facebook lead ads strategy (look at our article here about how to get the most of Facebook lead ads).
  • Include CTA forms after every section in your content (not just the end of the article- not everyone scrolls down).
  • Spencer Padway, the Marketing Consultant, has a fabulous idea about grabbing email later. Allow customers download a white paper or other lead magnet and put links back to your website. When they see the value that they get from you, add them to the remarketing list and only then ask them for email as qualified prospects .
  • Andrew Davies, CMO at Idio, supports gated content personalization. It means that your content should be dynamic and serve very targeted solutions and help for your leads.
  • You can also build beautiful forms with Typeform as submissions will be synchronized with the Pipedrive.


Red Cappi hopes that you will generate much more leads now with Pipedrive, Proposify, and Red Cappi email marketing software.Lead generation system.  So easy a baby can use it.