With RedCappi’s email marketing tool set that enables you to send and track responsiveness of messages more effectively, you’ll know how to accurately attract customers in the most powerful ways possible. Email marketing trends change fluidly, so keeping up-to-date with what trend is most current is vital to your business. RedCappi provides you with an overview of our top trends to help you retain business more easily.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are incredibly popular this day in age, but the effective operation and execution of these campaigns is uncommon. With RedCappi, keeping your email design simple while also maintaining an attentive audience is possible. Today most people have incredibly busy schedules so readers are naturally attracted to less writing and more photos and videos. If you are selling products, don’t describe the product in a long paragraph— just post an attractive photo that the eyes of readers will be drawn to. Quick tidbits about your daily offerings are acceptable, but ancient several-hundred word emails are not. Adding animation to your marketing email is also a great idea because it immediately grabs the attention of readers.

RedCappi’s easy to use Drag-and-Drop Email Editor helps you create email marketing campaigns simply and efficiently. With our technology on your side, you can quickly design eye-catching emails and newsletters that maintain the interest of readers without being required to learn complex, technical abilities. All you must do is drop images and content in the pre-created layout of your choosing. You’ll be able to see your email campaign accomplishments as they occur so you immediately know what looks good and what doesn’t. When you are ready to send out your campaign, our service will automatically generate mobile device compatible final products so they can be read from any device. This is just one of the many tools you will gain access to when you use RedCappi services.

Effective Subject Lines

Boring subject lines will not encourage readers to open your emails. Catch their attention with your best offer of the day. “50% off, TODAY ONLY” motivates readers to take immediate action in order to be a part of this great promotion. “Tea can erase age lines!” Simple titles like this appeal to desires of every age– it may be what is in the tea that helps, but shortening the explanation for a title is acceptable. With RedCappi, you’ll be able to set up different subject lines for your campaigns and auto-responders. Our services will help you drive business and brand awareness in ways that may seem insignificant right now, but they actually make a huge difference in the long run.

Best Time of Day to Send Emails

With the age of the internet taking over, it may seem like any time of day is acceptable to send out promotional emails. Yes, your email may be skimmed over briefly at any point in the day, but the best time to send an email and keep the reader’s attention is widely thought to be between 8:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M. while people are winding down from their day. Since most people typically check their email in the morning when they wake up, even if they do not receive your email that night, they will first thing in the morning. With RedCappi’s campaign stats engine you’ll be able to gain insight into that information.

Ways to Grow Your Email List

You have most likely heard it before, but social media platforms are still the way to go to increase your email list. RedCappi enables you to extend your audience and gain more readers by directing you to the most applicable outlets on Facebook and Twitter for posting your creatively designed newsletter. Using a Facebook page to invite readers to sign up for emails or promoting a give-away are great ways to obtain more email addresses for future promotions. The same goes for Twitter and Instagram. Redcappi helps you make this happen.

Sign-up for a free plan today at www.redcappi.com . RedCappi is here to provide you with the most up-to-date tools to effectively market your business and give you a technical route that will streamline the entire process.