It is hard to monitor all of the happenings in your business field when there are so many departments and communication channels with the customer. However, it does not excuse you from jumping in and solving the problems right away. Slack allows you to do it and manages every business operation. 5 million people use Slack.

Do big successful companies use Slack? Oh yes. They do. 77% of Fortune 100 companies use Slack.

Slack is a must-have to manage many processes in the business. It is not merely a chat software between employees. It communicates actions of software to your staff with necessary notification. Because slack is on Zapier, you can make sure you follow all apps you use (750+).

Some business Areas that you can monitor with Slack:

  1. React to Brand mentions and comments by integrating BRAND24 with Slack. You can also assign this task at the moment that you see that you won’t be able o answer some technical inquiries or you have a PR person that handles queries.
  2. Sales
  3. Track Leads.
  4. Analyse Returns.
  5. Comment Reviews.
  6. Monitor Software bugs.
  7. Slack is loved by developers community because it has built-in support for sharing and testing code snippets across a development team. Since all content in Slack can be made searchable. Any code shared in this way is then always accessible by other developers in the future.
  8. You can hire employee using many resources. However, Slack has active communities based on their skill sets that you can reach and attract to your projects.
  9. If you hire a short-term freelance team member, set up a channel and assign freelancer Single-Channel Guest role. This type of account can only access a single channel and start direct messages only on that particular channel.
  10. Plan a trip. Get to know the weather. This one is easy. Just talk to Alterra.

Alterra is a virtual AI travel agent on Slack.

She can, for example, book flights and hotels for you.

This agent can also advise where to go for a vacation trip, and what to do there.

You could ask for things like:

– Book me 4-star apartment in Birmingham from Sep 15 for 5 nights under $400 with free wi-fi

– Find me 2 tickets from Chicago to London on Star Alliance next Sunday back on Nov 5 with 1 stop or less

– Is there good skiing resort not far from Zurich?


Not sure how to introduce Slack to your new employees? Slack offers an email template that will help you keep everyone on board.

Slack is an extensive directory of apps and bots that service you an across many functions of your business. There is no way that something can be missing from all the options that you have on Slack.


How can you make sure that everyone on your team understands what to monitor?

For that Slack has well-organized channels, topics, and pin system.

To control your mission, slack recommends creating a public channel for each campaign to keep your efforts focused.  Always use consistent channel naming to keep your channels organized for your employees and team members. For example, you can try #campaign-[campaign name], #launch-[product or feature name], or #marketing-[focus area].

For each of your channels, set a topic or purpose and pin essential messages and files so that your team members know where to find the right information.

What problems can happen when it comes to email marketing campaigns and how to solve it?

  1. Sensitive topic and an email marketing metric column that we all don’t want to look at and see numbers growing. The unsubscribe box should be personalized and offering a sweet deal before you lose your lead.

When you get an, unsubscribe you can send a note to Slack channel and take care of the problem, identify the reason why they left, try to connect with them on social media and win them back.

More importantly, Follow the Law: By law, you must offer an easy to use, and accessible unsubscribe button. Never force them to re-enter their email addresses to unsubscribe, this annoys people.

How to make sure that your readers are not confused? You do want to ensure that you remind your audience why they signed up for your list.

  1. Click-throughs of your email campaign. Make decisions in real time while the rest of your team can see them. If you know that your click-through is falling and Slack can want you about it 0 stop the campaign and launch different one. Get advice from email marketing consultant about your email length, links, and keep raising the levels of click-throughs.

Finally, Red Cappi email marketing software makes it easy to design simple email where you can clearly state the value proposition to your customers. We hope that you will find  Slack integrations useful and they will help you to react quickly to your marketing and other business operations. So easy that baby could use it.